Fan Feature – Little House on the Prairie Pencil Sketch

by | Sep 19, 2014

Today’s Fan Feature is a beautiful pencil sketch drawn by Angelina Rose.  Angelina has been a fan of “Little House on the Prairie” for many years, since watching the TV show as a little girl. She says,

 “My fondest memories of Little House on the Prairie are always the relationship between Laura and her father. I grew up without a father and always dreamed of having a great relationship like that. I wished Pa was my pa. Always. The lessons in the show and book are always such timeless lessons, which is why I find myself relating today to episodes or events in the LH stories. I don’t know if I have an actual favourite episode! Good question. I loved The Gift, A Matter of Faith and The Wolves. There are so many good episodes, I wouldn’t know how to pick just one.”

 Little House on the Prairie Pencil Sketch – Fan Feature

You can follow Angelina on Twitter at @mookerimungeri and join our conversation on the #LHOTP hashtag. If you’d like to submit your own Little House on the Prairie inspired artwork, project, or memory please use the form on the Share Your Story page. 


  1. Hope Drews

    yeah Nellie and willie Olsen were pretty awful to Laura and her sister all the time that they knew each other. Plus Nellie did almost steal Almonzo from her not that she would have.

  2. bill

    I all way like the show it was the best show on earth with hear and mike land play the role as father and daughter the play the greatest roles on the show

  3. Regina Banks

    I always thought Laura Ingalls was so adorable with her cute smile. Mary Ingalls was a Hottie. Crisp Blonde Hair, & Brisk Beautiful Blue Eyes. Carrie Ingalls wascute & little. Pa (Charles Ingalls), what a strong man. A good loving caring father who always gave the best advice. Caroline Ingalls, Mom, beautiful, nice, calm, sweet personality.

    Nellie & Willie Olsen were a couple of terrible children. Always trying to get the Ingalls kids in trouble. Mrs. Olsen was pretty funny, but jealous because she knew the Ingalls family was a nice family. Mr. Olsen knew how his kids were. He was a nice guy & firm with Nellie the way her mother, Mrs. Olsen should´ve been. He also knew the Ingalls were a great & kind family. He was never jealous & he respected them.



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