The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder Inspired Giveaway (CLOSED)

by | Sep 4, 2017

“The grass grew green again and the woods were full of wildflowers.”

Little House in the Big Woods

The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder Inspired Giveaway

Long before she was a writer, Laura Ingalls Wilder was a gardener and farmer, growing food for the table and raising crops for sale. In the beautifully crafted articles shared with us by Marta McDowell, she depicts Laura Ingalls Wilder as not just an American children’s author, but as a nature writer as well. “When you think of “Little House on the Prairie,” you may think of the covered wagon journey, Jack the brindle Bulldog’s loss and return, log cabin construction or fever ‘n’ ague. I think about potatoes,” she explains. 

Marta McDowell lives, gardens, and writes in Chatham, New Jersey. She writes and lectures on gardening topics and teaches landscape history and horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden, where she studied landscape design. Her interest is in authors and their gardens, the connection between the pen and the trowel.

Special Giveaway – September 4 to 25, 2017

In this special giveaway from September 4 through 25, you will have the opportunity to win one of SIX (6) Giveaway Prize Packages comprised of autographed copies of Marta McDowell’s wonderful books published by Timber Press and of a DVD of “The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder” documentary.

One of 6 autographed copies of The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Marta McDowell.

The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder, by author Marta McDowell, explores Wilder’s deep relationship with the landscape. Follow the Wilder’s wagon trail starting in the Wisconsin setting of Little House in the Big Woods, through the Dakotas, and finally to Missouri.

One of 6 autographed copies of All the Presidents’ Gardens by Marta McDowell.

In All the Presidents’ Gardens author, Marta McDowell tells the untold history of the White House Grounds with historical and contemporary photographs, vintage seeds catalogs, and rare glimpses into Presidential pastimes.

One of 6 autographed copies of Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life by Marta McDowell.

Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life is the first book to explore the origins of Beatrix Potter’s love of gardening and plants and show how this passion came to be reflected in her work.

One of 6 DVDs of the “The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder” documentary.

Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder” is a one-hour documentary that goes beyond the famed Little House book series to the behind-the-scenes, true life story of one of America’s most iconic authors, Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her adventures come to life through passages from the Little House books, interviews with Wilder scholars and historians, archival photography, paintings from famous frontier artists, dramatic reenactments, a beautiful original score and original illustrations.

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  1. Marylin Roberts

    If we could just go back to the principles that were in the stories that she wrote; what a better world this would be. My children watched the show when they were small and enjoyed them very much. Still do.

  2. J. Anthony

    When I was in grade school in Iowa many years ago, my second grade teacher read aloud several “Little House on the Prairie” books a chapter at a time. That’s when I first became delighted by Laura and the pioneer life of the Ingalls Family.

  3. Suzanne Paul Bagdasarian

    I love her books

  4. Patricia A Fox

    I have always loved Little House books and even have the cookbook. I would love to read the new books, especially the one about Mama Caroline Ingalls.

  5. Bernice

    Would love to read these new books

  6. Carol

    One can only admire their faith and dedication to family!

  7. Gerri Moore

    Books keep the mind open to enjoyment, Would love to read these new books.

  8. Teresa Miller

    Hello I grew up reading about pioneer life with Laura Ingalls and other authors. My kids and now my grandkids and great grandkids are enjoying these wonderful stories and tv programs. I would like to see your contests available to Canadians.

  9. amanda

    As a little girl, I had the Little House books in hardcover….. I read and reread them many times…. In 1970, my home was destroyed by a fire and we lost everything, including the books…. i have since bought them in paperback, but I sure do miss the hardcover books of my childhood..

  10. Darlene

    Little house on the prairie is my all time favorite show as is the books I did an aoutbiograpy on the books in grade 5 still have a letter from the company that publishes the books I will be teaching my granddaughter all about little house movies and books as she gets old enough to understand she’s only 2 I just wish the contests were open to Canadian residents as we miss out on giveaways etc

  11. Sue Pries

    I watched it in the 1980’s & 1990’s and we have some of the books and DVD’s too. love them 🙂

  12. Joyce Fike

    I have always loved Lauras’ stories of her life because I was ads am a “farm kid”

  13. Martha J Lindblom

    We still watch Little House on the Prairie. We purchased the entire series.

  14. Kim Rapp

    Thank you and enjoy your day.

  15. Kim

    I have her Beatrix Potter book and it’s SO good! Would live her Laura Ingalls Wilder book! 🙂

  16. Peggy Cook

    I love all the books ? of Laura Ingalls Wilder. And show too. I so enjoy them a lot. Love to all 6 of theses books ? too.

  17. Catherine

    Little House on the Prairie taught me so much . How things are back then the people they had to do so much for there family and friends help each other out . Now you don’t see that . How things change You Don’t See kids helping their parents out you don’t see Neighbors helping neighbors out it sad how much everything’s change back then. The history they made it amazes me what they did and how they got there I would love to learn more about it because I look at myself and I think my life will be so boring in a book. Seeing their struggles what they had to do it amazes me.

  18. AA Vernon

    I love Little House and still watch it
    when I can …it takes me back in times
    of my early ancestors …as they were
    able to master life on the prairie.

  19. Suzanne

    I love watching Little House especially when the adults are shown as young children. I would have loved to have seen
    Mr. and Mrs. Oleson as young kids.

  20. Betty Mordecai

    Her books have been a favorite of mine since I was a child.

  21. Sheila

    This show is my favor, I will dress up like their clothes for Halloween party, can’t wait to wear it soon

  22. Kristin Riggle

    I ❤️Laura!

  23. Debbie mantle

    I love the tv series Little House and truly enjoy rereading the books I have owned since I was a young child; which was over 50 years ago…❤️?

  24. Joni Love

    One of my all time favorite shows growing up. I still love watching to this day…

  25. Rita Brown

    I love this show. You seldom find family shows such as this one that you are not ashamed for all of the family to see. Hope it never leaves TV.

  26. Mattie Starnes


  27. Laura Domen

    Just love everything about all of it!

  28. Debbie Rogowski

    This is one of the cutest contests I’ve entered 🙂 Our family always enjoyed watching and reading the Little house On the Prairie tv shows and the Laura Ingles books. I think my 39 Year old daughter still watches the show when she can find it. We hope to make a trip to the home one day.

  29. Tonia Ball

    I faithfully watched Little House On The Prairie as a girl. It was an escape that I looked forward to weekly when the show would come on. I would pretend it was my life. I related to Laura as a Tom boy always playing outdoors, but I related with Mary with her love of reading books and learning. Pa was my hero.

    To this day I feel that I was born 200+ years too late. Sure life was hard then, but it is now as well. Due to those hardships, life was fully lived and everyday they had on this Earth was appreciated. At least that’s how I see it in my mind’s eye while reading or watching anything from this era. ?

  30. Isabel Rodriguez

    Love love little House On The Pierre

  31. Sharon

    I have grew up loving everything bout Laura ingalls. When I was little I use to pretend I was laura. When j was little I asked Santa for the books and on xmas day I found her box set of books under my tree oh I was so excited. They were the first that eve came out and I still have them. They are pretty old and don’t want to harm them in anyway so I bout a new set so I can continue reading them over and over. I also have the box set dvd’s of little house. I grew up 10 mins from her house in mansfield missouri and visited it every week and would go each day to her and Almanzo’s graves to place flowers. But I now live in iowa and and I still travel there to their home and graves. My 14 yr old grandaughter really loved to come over and read my little house books or every book I have about laura. She was killed on her bicycle. Oh how she loved learning everything bout laura. I was reading some of the comments and seen where Peggy lives in the same town as Melissa Gilbert. Oh how so lucky you are. I am such a huge fan of hers. Matter of fact I’m reading the book of Melissa Glibert. Which is called ” Prairie Tales”.I have read this book over and over. Wonderful book. I have always hoped someday to meet her and for her to autograph my book. Melissa Gilbert has always been my favorte actress and always will be. Little house and laura ingalls and Melissa Gilbert will always live on in my life and heart.

  32. karen McLain

    This is an amazing giveaway! So exciting! I am encouraged and thrilled to see the interest of this era in our history.

  33. Wendy Proehl

    I still watch Little House all the time.

  34. Susan alexander

    I have enjoyed Little House on the Prairie since I was very young. And I used to own the whole Little House paper back book series. But was lost in a fire and have not been able to get it back. I still enjoy all the reruns today. I am a 59 year old disabled female and love these show as much today as I did when I was younger. I hope they never take them off t.v.

    • ROSE


  35. Carlotta Daniel

    Love these books

  36. Jwahir Rahim

    Love Little House on the Prairie and own all seasons on dvds

  37. Peggy

    Little House was always my favorite. As a matter of fact Melissa Gilbert now lives in my home town in Michigan.

  38. Michael Wheeler

    Life was simple before. Why we make it so hard now. I grew up reading and watch Laura and her family. The best.

  39. Doris Duchano

    I grow up watching the show and have continued watching the show with my kids.


    It is refreshing to watch a series that have no cussing in it. It’s a good family show to watch. Love it

  41. Shannon Wallace

    Thank you for such a lovely giveaway, and the fun wagon project for children!!!! It’s wonderful Laura’s Legacy can live on through this site, and the various museums scattered around the Plains States, etc. God bless!

  42. Gerri Moore

    I loved ‘Little House on The Prairie” shows. Also knew someone related to Laura Ingalls Wilder, as we went to the same church. That made all my reading of her books more important.

    • Rita Brown

      Still one of my favorite shows. I hope my granddaughter will watch it with me one day.

    • Julie Shaffer

      I always loved the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved the tv sh show. I named my daughter Cassandra after the character on the television show. My husband and I went to DeSmet, South Dakota and Walnut Grove Minnisota for our honeymoon. We went to the pageant in each of the cities. Then two years later we went to Mansfield Missouri to see the Wilder’s house and go to a pageant there also. I am a school teacher and would love to win one of these books.

    • michelle

      I love little house on the prairie .When alamzo and lauara frist met bring back so many memories me and my husband always think were like them 2 we known each other sence kindergarten i n school and love each other every sence now we have been happily married for 26 years and we still watch little house on the prairie every day and we both love the show .

  43. Mickey Beermann

    Little House on the Prarie reminds me of so many ways I grew up with.

  44. Julie Boehlke

    This is a lovely giveaway! I adore Laura Ingalls.

  45. Scarlet Ellington

    I’ve always loved Little House books and shows. I dream of one day going to visit Laura’s home and all the landmarks available

  46. Lynne H.

    Thank you for this opportunity to win these wonderful gifts! 🙂

  47. Mary Jones

    Little House on the Prairie is one of my most favorite shows. I learned a lot from them and it helped to keep my heart clean. I love how Laura’s story telling brought them to life. Thank-you so much for all that you all are doing through this web site.

  48. Susan Glisson

    Absolutely, a huge fan of LHOTP. I love the later episodes once Laura is all grown up and has a family of her own. But the episodes I love the most is when she meets Almonzo and her and Nellie “fight” over him. So glad the writers gave Nellie a husband.

  49. Mr. Mark Gonzaga

    The Laura Ingalls Wilder books are an inspiration as I am reading By The Shores Of Silver Lake now and have already read a dozen others including the phenomenal Pioneer Girl 🙂 How amazing the true story really is in comparison to the TV series based on the books! Here’s to Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose Wilder & Michael Landon! -Mr. Mark Gonzaga

  50. Debra Hock

    Little House helped shape my family. We watched when the t.v. was not inoperative from lightening, read for reading practice, then for pure LOVE! Farmer Boy Thanksgiving foods was especially tasty! It helped get us through some lean times, even started me out gardening and canning (in my husbands’ grandmothers’ blue glass-top jars)! Still want chickens and goats.

  51. Barbara Lewis

    I would like to get the yellow paper books I had as a child ,does anyone no where I can get them.

  52. David Fisher

    Sweet. It would be nice to win.

  53. Barbara Dessa Lee Davis

    I am from New England, and have dozens of Ingalls in my ancestry.
    I was thrilled to find out, while researching my ancestry.
    The first Ingalls in America was Edmund Robert Ingalls, who came to Massachusetts from
    England in 1628.
    He is one of my many 9th Great Grandfathers. I am proud to have them in my tree, and
    it sparked my interest in Laura Elizabeth Ingalls, and her family. I have been reading her books, and
    am fascinated with the lives of the Ingalls. She is my 7th Cousin, 2X. I know that is remote, but it is fine with me.
    We share many ancestors.
    So, there are thousands of descendants in America, beginning with Edmund.
    All cousins.

  54. Lauren McClain

    Thanks for doing this!

  55. Yvonne Jeffords

    I watched “Little House ” series with my children ,now I watch them with my great grandchildren .Wholesome entertainment with always a good message with truthful imperfections.

  56. debra Anthony

    My second grade teacher read the little house books to us after coming in from our lunch recess. I loved and still do these books. I couldn’t believe there were such books as these. It really sparked an interest in reading in me. I started to read everything I could get my hands on. (and still do). I have recently re-read the series.

  57. Cindy Davis

    I can’t get enough of these gifted writers. Love them!

  58. Barbara Deschamps

    From Missouri near where she lived in Mansfield. Loved her life story since for a long time. My children grew up knowing her name and life. Visited her home there and it is a great piece of history for all.

  59. Dianna Nance

    I have visited and toured Laura”s home in Mansfield, Missouri. I am wanting to take my Granddaughter. I loved reading the Little House books when I was in school and I read them to my children vwhen they were young.

  60. Risë


  61. vera wilson

    Always loved Little House Stuff. Thanks for the chance.

  62. carol Starcher

    I love these show’s growed up watching them I can relate to Laura and the things she got I to as a kid

  63. Carolynn Dudley

    Love, love, love the Little House books, and the wonderful program!

    • hamid reza sarli

      Hello ,love,the Little House books the spacially carrector carolynn

  64. Nancy Long

    I love Little House on the praire. I have all the shows on cds.

  65. Sharon Gass

    I have always loved the Little House Books and Laura! I’am 62 and have followed for many years. Then passed the love to my daughter and grandaughters .

  66. Beverly

    LHOTP is one of my favorite shows, and favorite books. My daughter (Laura ?) gave me a boxed set of all the seasons, and I have the book about her real life, “Laura”.

  67. Lisa Neault

    I would love, love to win one of these- I am a longtime fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder, as well as her daughter’s books. Especially the books on Beatrix Potter, That would be wonderful to acquire.

  68. Cathy Blowers

    This is an amazing give away! 🙂

  69. Venessa Groat

    Always loved Little house!!!!!

  70. Penny

    Not only do I love all of the Little House books and all things Laura. I also have a keen interest in the White House gardens and my-oh-my, even Beatrix Potter.

  71. Carie

    Love everything Little House. Would love to win.

  72. Rosemary Conklin

    I love Little House. So refreshing. I would love to win this!!!

  73. Sabrina

    I grew up watching Little house , since I am a 90’s kid . I love the show and would love to learn more about Laura … I love everything …. About her

  74. Janet

    I have been a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan for ever. Would love the book.

  75. Carol Scott

    I have loved Little House since it first came on. I would absolutely love to win this prize.

  76. Kim Giebler

    I grew up watching Little House. I would be sitting next to my Mom on the couch every Monday evening. I have all the shows on dvd and the books. I am starting to watch the shows again. The true wholesome living and loving that comes from the show warms my heart.

  77. Sarah Hopper

    Love all these books.Been a fan since I was a xhild

  78. mina carpenter

    I hope I win

  79. Jolaine Snyder

    what fun it would be to win any of these

  80. Abren Douglas

    I love the Laura Ingalls books,and I really hope I win one.

  81. Aida Douglas

    I love Laura Ingalls. I am 11 and I want to write books like she did someday. I love reading the books that I have and I would love to have more to read. I would love to have known her and I wish I could have lived in her time era. I have all of the Laura Ingalls seasons Nellie is my favorite character next to Laura. Lake Kezia Monster is my favorite episode and I like how creative Laura, Andy and Albert get with there supplies they have. Me and my sister do every thing Laura, we wash our own clothes and make our own Laura dresses and bake our own bread. I would love to have one more of her books.

  82. Anna Douglas

    I am 14 and I love Laura Ingalls! I love her so much that my parents got me and my sister a play house and we done it all up and decorated it up in Laura and my sister took lessons on how to sew and made Laura dresses. I would love to have one of the books.

  83. Pamella Carlson

    We traveled to South Dakota in July 2017. We went to De Smet, South Dakota and did the Tour of Little House on the Prairie. We also went to the Cemetary of the Ingalls family. Very interesting. During the tour, I learned a lot more about the Ingalls family! I enjoyed it.

  84. Laura Stybel

    I would love to win this! I am a huge history buff and was named Laura, after Laura herself. I always dressed as hee for Halloween growing up. We moved a lot so her books were like having a friend. I have all the books and the tv series, and the original book Pioneer Girl. I’ve been wanting the documentary forever.

  85. Dhea Powers

    I would LOVE to win!! Little House is always a part of my day! “Home is the nicest word there is.”

  86. Kay Jean Smith

    What an awesome give-away! I would love to win these books and DVD. Love the time period in which Laura Ingalls Wilder lived.

  87. Kay Jean Smith

    Would love to win this give-away. I have always enjoyed the Little House TV show, and my daughter loves the show as well as the books and biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the time period in which she lived.

  88. Diane Beyer

    We are retired Navy now ; we were overseas from 1969–1976 and when we got to next duty station Millington TN with our 4&5 year old daughters who had not seen TV; Littke house on the Prarie became one of our can’t miss family time programs to watch. Oh the memories we have . Even made girls little house on prairie dresses! Would love to win this keepsake .

  89. Kathy Plante

    Love little house on the prairie books I read them over and over

  90. Laura

    I wish I grew up in the 1800 era. I cherish this show and her books. Thank u.

  91. Carol

    My go-to favorite series that my grandchildren have come to love along with me.

  92. Joann Rosenzweig

    i would love to Win . Little House on the Prairie was my favorite show. i grew up watching and i still

    • Joann Rosenzweig

      I Would love to win. Little House on the Prairie Was my favorite show I Grew up watching it and I Still Do it now.

  93. Patsy Griggs

    Love Little House and Laura Engalls

  94. Cheryl Parker

    I still have my Little House On The Prairie books boxed set that my parents gave me for Christmas in 1980 when I was twelve years old.
    I read The Long Winter every year in the winter.
    It will always be one of most treasured gifts.

  95. Shawn McCrea

    I would have loved to be there working with her in the garden. Taking walks an picking wild flowers.

  96. Deborah Salvato

    I entered as well as possible. I must be the only person alive who doesn’t do Twitter or Instagram.

    • Angela England

      There are lots of people who only use one or the other or don’t do Facebook, etc. That’s why we make them optional entries instead of required. Good luck!

  97. Carrie

    I would love to win this.

  98. Rose Hricko

    Such an awesome giveaway, I would treasure these gifts and use them always!! Little House is amazing!

  99. Lee Anne McCarthy

    Watching season one of the little house right now !!!❤❤✌??

  100. Dianna Rohrbaugh

    I wished I grew up in that era. I love the 1800’s

    • Aida Douglas

      Dianna Rohrbaugh, I totally agree. The 1800’s is one of the best time eras ever. I would love to work beside ma Ingalls while doing the house work or working in the garden.

  101. Helen large

    I love to win this as they would be great to read and pass on to young family members



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