Little House on the Prairie Gift Guide

by | Nov 1, 2019

While the Ingalls family didn’t have many possessions, they delighted in selecting or making thoughtful gifts for each other. We celebrate that giving spirit with our Little House on the Prairie Gift Guide, which we update frequently. Below you will find seven unique gift guides for each Little House fan in your life.

We hope that you will find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Gifts for the Young Ones

Help children embrace the hands-on fun and learning that we saw Laura and Mary bring to life each week on the TV screen. Encourage playing together, reading together, and enjoying the bonds of family with these thoughtful gift ideas.

1. The Little House on the Prairie collection from Cūbles – Cūbles are the paper toy re-invented, which makes them a fun activity for the whole family.  Building a Cūble is unlike any other paper toy experience from your past. Assembly requires just the right amount of thought, care, and attention. And it’s fun – just like the challenge and reward of a puzzle.

2. The Little House on the Prairie collection from The Queen’s Treasures – The Queen’s Treasures has created beautifully-designed Laura Ingalls, Mary Ingalls, and Nellie Oleson 18-inch dolls, two families of Little House bears, as well as lots of fun accessories to enhance their pioneer adventures! Everything from a full covered-wagon set to all the cooking and tool items the Ingalls family depended on.

3. Old-Fashioned Games and Classic Kids Toys – There are so many lovely pioneer games and toys that kids still enjoy playing today. These will give your child some old-fashioned fun!

4. Lit League Pioneer Activity Boxes  Each Lit League Box, thoughtfully curated by seasoned educators, is filled with book-themed activities sure to delight both reluctant and avid readers. Each box includes an amazing book, a book-specific vocabulary bookmark, 4-5 book-inspired activities, discussion questions and answers, and book club fun to share with friends or family. All Lit League Boxes contain a joyous experience for your little reader.​

5. The Complete Little House Box Set (9 Books) – These are the chapter books that started it all – the stories that captured the hearts and imaginations of children and young adults worldwide. Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, these beloved books remain a favorite to this day.

6. My First Little House Books – These beautiful picture books are adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s stories and illustrated by Renée Graef to bring the stories to colorful life for a younger audience. Titles include:

7. Little House-inspired Craft Books – Whether crafting, sewing, quilting or creating, the Ingalls family would have created both ornaments for their home as well as necessary items like blankets and clothing. The craft books below will inspire and enchant any Little House fan.

8. Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography by William Anderson – For children 8-12 years old who want to learn more about Laura, this excellent biography by William Anderson will invite them into a delightful world.

9. Pioneer Girl: The Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder by William Anderson – An illustrated book for 2nd grade and up, this book is a gorgeous overview of Laura and her writings. Perfect for read-aloud family times.

Little House on the Prairie Gift Guide

Gifts for the Historian

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s pioneering stories have enthralled generations of readers throughout the world. Below are some outstanding, gift-worthy resources to learn more about the extraordinary life of this American author.

1. The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder DVD – This one-hour documentary brings the true story of one of America’s most iconic authors to life. It was directed and narrated by Dean Butler, who played Almanzo Wilder on the TV series. Read more about the documentary here.

2. Amazon Kindle – An Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is an essential tool for avid readers with instant access to millions of books, audiobooks, and newspapers. There are several models from which to choose.

3. The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder – Edited by William Anderson, The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder is a vibrant, deeply personal portrait of this revered American author, illuminating her thoughts, travels, philosophies, writing career, and dealings with family, friends, and fans as never before. Read more about the book project here.

4. Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography – Hidden away since the 1930s, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s never-before-published autobiography reveals the true stories of her pioneering life. Some of her experiences will be familiar; some will be a surprise. Pioneer Girl re-introduces readers to the woman who defined the pioneer experience for millions of people around the world. A significant historical and literary achievement, this annotated edition of Pioneer Girl provides modern readers with new insights. Read this insightful interview with editor Pamela Smith Hill.

5. The World of Laura Ingalls Wilder – by author Marta McDowell, explores Wilder’s deep relationship with the landscape. Follow the Wilder’s wagon trail starting in the Wisconsin setting of Little House in the Big Woods, through the Dakotas, and finally to Missouri.

6. The World of Little House – This hardcover book written by Carolyn Strom Collins and Christina Wyss Eriksson with illustrations by Deborah Maze and Garth Williams gives an in-depth view of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family complete with maps, family trees, historical documents, and more.

7. Pioneer Girl Perspectives: Exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder – Edited by Nancy Tystad Koupal, this book sheds new light on the story behind Wilder’s original manuscript and examines how the author and her daughter and editor, Rose Wilder Lane, worked to develop a marketable narrative.

8. Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder – Drawing on unpublished manuscripts, letters, diaries, and land and financial records, Caroline Fraser ― the editor of the Library of America edition of the Little House series ― masterfully fills in the gaps in Wilder’s biography. Revealing the grown-up story behind the most influential childhood epic of pioneer life, she also chronicles Wilder’s tumultuous relationship with her journalist daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, setting the record straight regarding charges of ghostwriting that have swirled around the books.

9. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist: Writings from the Ozarks – Did you know that before Laura became famous for her children’s novels, she was a frequently published columnist in magazines and newspapers? This collection of her essays shows both her practical and philosophical sides.

10. Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Woman Behind the Legend – This rich biography by John Miller focuses on Laura’s personal development after her marriage to Almanzo and their move to Mansfield,  Missouri. Follow along with the transitions of her life that ultimately led to her writing the Little House books.

11. Pa’s Fiddle: The Music of America – Pa and the music he creates brings the fictional family hope, inspiration, comfort, entertainment, and enlightenment. Little House fans will love this authentic music and the narration and historical background/introduction to each song. Read more about Pa’s Fiddle in this article.

12. Happy Land: Musical Tributes to Laura Ingalls Wilder – Fans of the Little House books will love being able to hear the music that was an integral part of pioneer life on the prairie. Dale Cockrell recruited well-known mandolinist Butch Baldassari to co-produce the project, and they were backed by a grant from Blair School of Music.

13. Little House on the Prairie-inspired designs from Litographs – Laura Ingalls Wilder has been painting pictures with her words for over a hundred years, and now Litographs has created designs inspired by the Little House stories we know and love! Check out their ever-expanding Little House on the Prairie-inspired product line.

14. Little House on the Prairie-inspired designs from Storiarts – Created exclusively from the text of classic books, this new collection, a pillow cover, book scarf, book tote, and writing gloves, feature artwork is illustrating a theme, character, or setting from the Little House books. Move closer, and the text of the story becomes fully legible! Yes – these are the actual stories printed into your product designs.

Gift Guide Ultimate TV Fan

Gifts for the Ultimate TV Fan

For many fans, this journey started with the “Little House on the Prairie” TV series and developed from there. Enjoy these perfect gift items from the TV series and the talented actors who starred in it. Pop some popcorn and enjoy a family fun night together.

1. The Deluxe Remastered Complete Collection DVD Set – Introduce your children to the joy of “Little House on the Prairie” with this complete collection DVD set in the shape of the Ingalls family home!

2. The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder DVD – This one-hour documentary brings the true story of one of America’s most iconic authors to life. It was directed and narrated by Dean Butler, who played Almanzo Wilder on the TV series.

3. Melissa Gilbert’s memoirs  Melissa Gilbert shares personal stories of her time on “Little House on the Prairie” playing Laura Ingalls in Prairie Tale: A Memoir. It’s a beautiful snapshot of her life on the show, and afterward. And released in 2022, her latest book, Back to the Prairie: A Home Rediscovered , traces Melissa from Dancing with the Stars to a turn in politics, always on the lookout for her next project. She just had no idea that her latest one would be completely life changing.

4. Karen Grassle’s memoir  Karen Grassle gave an unforgettable portrayal of Caroline Ingalls (“Ma”) and has written an equally memorable autobiography called Bright Lights, Prairie Dust: Reflections on Life, Loss, and Love from Little House’s Ma. Be prepared for a revealing and well-written memoir that will keep you turning the pages.

5. Alison Arngrim’s memoir– Well known for her memorable portrayal of Nellie Oleson, Alison Arngrim will have you laughing and crying as you get to know your favorite TV villain better in her autobiography, Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated. Expect to find all the wonderful wit, irreverent charm, and heart-felt warmth we’ve come to love from her.

6. Charlotte Stewart’s memoir  Little House in the Hollywood Hills: A Bad Girl’s Guide to Becoming Miss Beadle, Mary X, and Me by Charlotte Stewart (better known as Miss Beadle) will give you insights into her time on “Little House on the Prairie” and a heart-warming look at her resilience.

7. Wendi Lou Lee’s memoir  A Prairie Devotional by Wendi Lou Lee (better known as Baby Grace) will give you insights into her time on “Little House on the Prairie” with a collection of stories which hopes to encourage and inspire people to live the way Charles and Caroline Ingalls lived: devoted to their faith in God, love for their family, and to spreading kindness to the people around them.

8. Melissa Francis’ memoir  Lessons from the Prairie by Melissa Francis (otherwise known as Cassandra Cooper) will have you laughing and crying your way through some fantastic memories. Fans will enjoy the exclusive photographs Melissa found to include in the book.

Little House on the Prairie Gift Guide

Gifts for the Quilter

Little House on the Prairie inspires so many people to learn new, practical skills, and we love seeing that happen. Quilting is one of the areas where modern methods and styles pair with the nostalgic joy of doing something that was such an important part of Laura’s life.

1. Little House of Quilts: 14 Nostalgic Quilts and Projects Inspired by the Writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder – This book is a collection of blocks, which the author has joined into a sampler quilt, that were inspired by the Little House books. It includes blocks that are mentioned in the series as well as traditional blocks whose names reflect events of this pioneering time. The informative sections will lead stitchers of all ages into quilting as they explore Laura’s life and times through the stories the patterns tell.

2. The Big Book of Little Quilts: 51 Patterns, Small in Size, Big on Style – Colossal creativity abounds in this BIG book of little quilts! This latest addition to Martingale’s “Big Book” series offers a whopping 51 patterns for small quilts, 40″ square or smaller, to be exact. At just 55 cents per pattern, you’ll find tons of inspiration and a lot of savings!

3. Quilting with Laura: Patterns Inspired by the “Little House on the Prairie” series – If you’ve ever wanted to start a quilt, but weren’t sure how to go about it, Linda Halpin’s book is the one for you. You’ll learn about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s connection to quilting and pick up tips for beginning an inspired quilt of your own!

Gifts for the Person Who Seeks Experiences

Laura did so many amazing things in her life, and she has inspired generations of doers as a result. Get together with your family and make some memories this year!

1. Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Maker – One of our most popular posts is this Farmer Boy Inspired Ice Cream Recipe written by one of our teen contributors, so consider a vintage-style ice cream maker for delicious family fun.

2. Rock Candy Making Kit – One of the things we love about Laura’s stories are her descriptions of the food she made. Special sweets and treats made an impression on her, and you can create similar memories with your family. Grab mason jars and fill them with the items you’ll need to make your own rock candy.

3. Gardening Like a Ninja – Pioneers were the original edible landscapers. While we may not have the space to grow a large garden like the Ingalls family probably had, we can grow good food around any home space. Gardening Like a Ninja: A Guide to Sneaking Delicious Edibles Into Your Landscape by Angela England will guide you in adapting your home’s landscaping into a delicious bounty.

4. Land of Laura: De Smet: Insider Travel Guide to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little Towns – This insider’s travel guide by Sandra Hume will help you find the best places to visit in De Smet, South Dakota.  If you have wanted to introduce your family to the places Laura lived, but this book is a great way to start your research.

5. CafePress Little House on the Prairie Tote Bag – For all your adventures, you’ll need a library bag or lunch tote to carry your items. Choose your favorite Little House inspired icon, on heavyweight, natural canvas colored fabric. Machine washable!

Little House on the Prairie Gift Guide

Gifts for the Interior Decorator

If you are a Little House on the Prairie fan, you will love these country-inspired home décor ideas. Whether you want to go big with a total bedroom makeover, or just add a little rustic touch to your couch or kitchen, there is something for anyone.

1. Little House on the Prairie Throw Pillow – Head over to our official CafePress store and add one of these Little House inspired throw pillows. There are a variety of icons and fabrics to choose from to spruce up your home and add a touch of country flair.

2. Little House on the Prairie Home Cooked Apron – Bring a little bit of Ma’s spirit into the kitchen with a lovely Little House on the Prairie apron. Choose from three different background colors on the heavy cotton twill apron. Two large pockets make it very convenient.

3. Little House on the Prairie Sherpa Fleece Book Blanket – Now, you can get more comfortable while reading your favorite book! This blanket offers warm, nostalgic comfort every day. Digitally printed for beautifully vivid color, our Book Blankets are made from easy-to-clean 100% polyester with an incredibly soft synthetic Sherpa fleece underlayer. Spread out across your bed or sofa, this blanket’s sure to be your new favorite spot for curling up with a feel-good read.

Gifts for the Writer

Laura didn’t start writing her first book until she was in her 60s, but it’s never too early to start expressing yourself and sharing your story. Most successful authors develop journaling and writing habits early in life. Use these fun and inspirational tools to encourage the writer in your life to begin writing their story.

1. Little House on the Prairie Writing Gloves – Embark on a pioneering adventure with Laura Ingalls Wilder with these warm fingerless gloves featuring text from the first book of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s classic Little House series: Little House in the Big Woods.

2. Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life – As you are looking for inspiration for your own story, open up this remarkable biography written by Pamela Smith Hill. Pamela delves into the complex and often fascinating relationships Wilder formed throughout her life that led to the writing of her classic Little House series.

3. Caroline: Little House, Revisited – In this novel authorized by the Little House Heritage Trust, Sarah Miller vividly recreates the beauty, hardship, and joys of the frontier in a dazzling work of historical fiction, a captivating story that illuminates one courageous, resilient, and loving pioneer woman as never before—Caroline Ingalls, “Ma” in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved Little House books.

4. Smart Pen Stylus – You have your inspiration, so now it’s time to write. This fun Neo smartpen N2, with its exclusive app ‘Neo Notes,’ automatically syncs what you write on paper to Android and iOS smart devices. Digitized handwritten notes are easy to save, share, search, and organize, or can be converted into digital text.

5. CafePress Little House on the Prairie Stationery – Bring back the spirit of letter writing with these Little House on the Prairie stationery bundles. Several styles to choose from that are sure to bring back beautiful memories to anyone you mail them to. There are several styles to choose from.

For even more gift ideas, please visit our Little House on the Prairie CafePress store.


  1. Corinne

    I started watching Little house when I was young all the time!!
    Am now 51 and still call it my favorite show of all time..
    I feel like I am a member of the Ingalls family as well I know them all so well!!
    I share the same birth date as Melissa Gilbert and my middle name is Elizabeth as was Laura’s on the show..
    I love all the cast members and will watch the Pilot through to the day they had to blow the town up (the only episode that I didn’t like cuz it meant Goodbye to Little house forever) til the day I die!!
    Love to all that are still with us today.. and to those that have passed..
    From your No. 1 Australian LHOTP fan… Corinne…
    Thanks for being a wonderful edition in and throughout my life..????????????

  2. Sadie

    I can’t lie, I can’t live without Laura Ingalls Wilder and her beloved books and stories. I also can’t live without the TV show on Prime Video! It’s a wonderful story filled with love, happiness, hardships and things that you cry over! The books of both Laura Ingalls when she was 4 and Laura Ingalls Wilder when she was 18. When she had Rose, I was crying with joy that finally, yes, finally Laura has a daughter of her own. Almanzo Wilder was a total inspiration for my brother when he read Farmer boy and I know now that he still can’t get enough of him!

    Laura and Rose are superstars!

  3. Diana Jester

    I was able to visit her house in Missouri. I started crying when I was there as the books and her life meant so much to me when I was growing up. I think of my visit to her house whenever I put the Christmas ornament on my tree each year. I have recommended the series to lots of moms of younger girls. Many of these moms did not know about the series and their daughters enjoyed reading the books.

  4. Charele Raport

    I live in PA and we have a channel called “UPtv” and Little House is on every day from 8-3. One episode after another. I’ve seen everything over and over as I work from home. Free!

  5. Dede

    I have seasons 1-8 on dvd just don’t have nothing to play them on any more. I watch all reruns on me but going onto amazon to start watching from beginning to end. Been watching it since I was in second grade.

  6. Twilla Wingfield

    I had a huge crush on Matthew aka Albert Quinn ingals he still fine woo he’s so hot hot hot hot

  7. Christine

    I found seasons 6 and 7 at a thrift shop just before the quarantine began. These are treasures. The cinnamon chicken episode…hilarious! Thank you for this delightful site.

  8. Susanne Curro

    I am looking for the colorful bag that everyone used on the show when they went away on trips…I very much would like to purchase that bag very much. I love it ! Anyone who watched the show, should know the bag that I am talking about. If anyone knows where I can purchase it, can you let me know ? Thank you.

  9. Christy carr

    Did Caroline have a cook book she made that would be so amazing to have .

    • Colleen Cupido

      There is the cookbook my mom and I used when I was 13, “The Little House Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Classic Stories by Barbara M. Walker, published in 1979 by Harper & Row, publishers of Laura’s classic books, with illustrations by Garth Williams.

  10. Pamela Neal

    This show has brought me so much joy and happiness. I enjoy watching it all the time.

  11. Terri Grayson

    I too am loving watching this Treasure of some of the Best Television made on Amazon Prime. I have it on also while I am working on a small Window. My Husband and I are both enjoying this together. A few weekends ago, he said to me after we had watched 6 or 7 episodes, “We need to watch Something else, I’m tired of Crying!” I’m thrilled that I found this website while researching Little House on the Prarie. I am thoroughly enjoying reading through this website.
    Thank You, Rick & Terri

  12. Mary Jayne

    Please!!! I want it all♥♥♥♥

  13. Mandy L Dickey

    Love this store Read all Laura Ingalls books when I was
    In elementary school would really like to buy her collection
    And read them again!!!

  14. Barbara Meyer

    Amazon has the tv series available now for prime members. I’m watching all the episodes as I had not seen them for 20 years. Enjoying them. I recall my sister wrote Melissa Gilbert when the series began and she was thrilled to get back a letter written by Half Pint….what a honour.

    • Melanie

      Oh, that’s a wonderful treasure! I’ve been watching on Amazon too! #charlesingallsforever

  15. Barbara Chapman

    Thank you for sharing such a comprehensive list of books about Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life and her books! Growing up LIW’s life was my imaginary life and I still love the wildness of open prairies. Happy to feature your site as part of a post I am writing about visiting the museum in Walnut Grove.

    Ever a Laura fan,
    Barb 🙂

  16. Melinda Lovell

    That would be awesome! I would love to own something like that. I know that a petition went around trying to get “Lego” to make a Little House themed set but it did not pan out.

  17. Marie

    Been watching shoe from beginning. 3 generation now

  18. Thelma Matthews

    I would like to know the price of the Little House on the Prarie Cook Book.

  19. Michael A Roth

    I saw a post here that dated back about a year ago about someone inquiring about a Walnut Grove Christmas Village collection. I have done numerous searches on my own and have only come across a fan who has done some miniatures but have not seen any produced for purchase. I would love to have a collection of Walnut Grove as a part of my Christmas display and I think so many would enjoy having it in their own living room and would make for a great conversation piece for those who may not be familiar the real-life happenings of Little House. I would pay a decent sum for a miniature display set of Walnut Grove if it was able to capture the true character of the village. Little miniatures of the townspeople would also be a nice accompaniment, but to have the village alone (Post Office, Bank, Sawmill, Oleson’s Mercantile, Church/Schoolhouse, Ingalls house, etc.) would be really captivating! One can only dream…

    • Jenni Lewis

      I agree! I’ve been looking for a kit to make a model of the Ingall’s home in the TV SHOW. No luck yet.

  20. meliyanti

    I love the story of little house which I can learn how to be a good mom as well as a good wife.
    I was in primary school but i always remember the film.

  21. Lusiana Deborah

    I loved to watch Little House in A Prairie, then I knew it come from a story book that based on true story.
    Now after forty years, I still excited with this story.
    I really hope I can read/re-watch all the tittles…

  22. alexa eve martin

    i loved wacthing little house on the praire when i was a little girl since my childen hood years

  23. Kelly Comfort

    I’m so excited to have found this site! I’ve been a fan if the show since I can remember(I was born in 1979). It was the ONLY show I looked forward to seeing as a child coming home from school. I owned the lunch box and dressed as Laura for Halloween a few times. I have seen every episode and have read all the books. I’m currently reading Allison Angrim’s book Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, I highly recommend this book. Gave me a whole new appreciation for “Nellie”!

  24. Terri

    When you went back to the Ingall’s property on Plum Creek, mainly where the dug-out is, do you think the “tableland” still exists? We were there this last summer and I believe we walked on it, being a tall long piece of land by the creek. No one else seems to think it still exists but I believe this was it and I’d like your comments please on this. Thanks Terri

    • Terri

      You bet it does!!!! It is visible, tall and long just like Laura described it. When you go up the bank from the creek and the dug out site is right on your right, look to the left and there is the tableland. There is a trail the owner has graciously made and one can walk right to it and up on it. What a wonderful feeling it gave me to walk right where Laura, Mary and Pa walked. There was a retired teacher and her husband there and they agreed that it was the tableland. I am 65 and Laura and her books give me as much pleasure now as when I was in 3rd grade. There was also a really big rock in the creek and I still wonder if that was the “old crab’s rock”. What I don’t understand is Laura writes that it was just a few steps from the dug out door to the creek, and as you saw it is quite a few steps down now to the creek. Write me back your memories I’d love to know them. Terri Schwerzler Tacoma WA

  25. Virginia

    I have the little house on the prairie books and the VCRs. I am 85 and still love them.

    • melissa Davis


      You Rock!!!


  26. manoj

    Dear Team,

    Please do let us know how we can get broadcasting licensing over PAY TV platform of the entire series

    Sri Lanka Telecom PLC

  27. Lucille Nanney

    I enjoy getting your newsletter. I made your snowflake pillow for Christmas/winter this year. I loved it. I really like the size of the snowflake and that it was an on the fold pattern. I would now like to make a pillow that could be used on Flag Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Do you have a pattern or can you tell me where to get a pattern for a star, heart or something along that line. I have the red and white stripe material and plan to use blue appliques on the pillows. I would appreciate any help with this project. My searching so far as resulted nothing large enough. Thank you for your help!!

    • Angela England

      We are so glad you enjoy the newsletter each month! Here is the DIY for the pillow We don’t currently have a flag pattern but perhaps you can work something out based on the dimensions of the pillow in this DIY. We’d love to see what you come up with!

      • margaret hageman

        I am disappointed because there’s no Little House T-shirt available for me to buy for a little 5 year old girl who is already locked into the series.

  28. Nancy



  29. Bettes

    I have 14 grandchildren (2 are great,ages 2 and 5) The oldest is 34 youngest 2. I bought the whole series of Little House books for my 4 daughters when they were young and for my granddaughters when they were young. My Dad read everyone. He was a farm boy,youngest of 24 ,pretty much like Little House..My Grama cooked on a wood stove, had the out house etc…farmed, my Dad walking behind the huge draft horses and plow at age 4…. so his reading the books, he said was like reading his life in many ways. I watch Little House every day.

  30. Helen jeansonne

    I love watching little house on the prairie I been watching it since I was a kids I am 49 and I still watch it

    • DollNut Grove

      I’m 12 and I watch it?

  31. Belinda-Marie Purkey

    Oh when, oh when, will someone finally getting around to creating a Little House on the Prairie/Walnut Grove Christmas Village collection. I do regular searches all the time, and would even be willing to pay ridiculous Bradford Exchange prices, if the pieces were authentic enough.

  32. JB

    Where can I purchase the little house prairie shepherdess figurine that Ma had on the mantle??? Can’t find one anywhere…

    • JB

      I meant mantel…

  33. Patricia

    I think people are yearning for a simpler time and way of life.

  34. Patti Shechter

    I am wondering if anyone has heard why the latest special editions of the Little House books do not have any illustrations. I skipped buying them for my collection. I so loved the Garth Williams drawings. They gave such warm images of the family life. I know they probably want readers to use their imaginations but for young children, I think they need the images to keep them interested in the story line.

  35. Vanessa Gonzalez

    I love watching little house on the Prairie. I wanted to know if they sold the little ? on the prairie dolls. I want Laura and Ma. They are my favorite characters. Ma was like the mother everyone would have loved to have. Caroline was awesome.

    • Angela England

      There is a beautiful Laura doll produced by The Queen’s Treasure company. You can see it here

  36. Lonnie Jesser

    I have all nine seasons of Little House on DVD. It is an entertaining series for the whole family.

  37. Donna

    I too love watching the program..over and over ,it never gets old.Sometimes wish we could go back to such a time 🙂

  38. Sue

    I enjoy watching it all again with my 8 yr old granddaughter Lily, she absolutely loves it a Wednesday evenings are our Little House evenings where we watch 2 episodes at least. We are upto Season 7 now.

  39. P. Gower

    Best TV series ever made. I own the entire series and lost one dvd from a season. Is it possible to order that one dvd I lost?

    • Angela England

      You can check out the individual episodes available via digital streaming here Find your season and click on the Digital downloads. You might be able to save money by replacing the handful of episodes lost although they would be on your computer, not a disc. You might be able to burn them onto a DVD disc after you’ve downloaded them. I would compare the pricing and see which will save you.

  40. claudia

    I’ve watch these when growing up and would love to give to my grandbaby to enjoy as well

  41. Peggy

    Do you have any sweatshirts, we were there this,Summer and the gift shop was all out of the adult sizes.

  42. Wendy Gillen

    Enjoyed Little House on the Prairie when I was young, enjoy the reruns today. Would enjoy having a catalog mailed to me to my house.

    • Angela England

      We do not have a catalog to mail you, however you can click through on the links and order online.

      • Carlyn Lesch

        I watch it every day & luv the show

  43. Karen Faucett

    I love Little House on the Prairie. It was and still a wonderful show.

  44. Rhita Ballou

    I have always loved all of the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder & her daughter, Rose’s. I love the pioneer life they wrote about & really enjoy the the fact it was all true facts. I love the show & movies & watched them for many years now.

  45. Janis

    I love Little House in the Prairies.

  46. Sophie Bowen

    I love Little House on the Prairie. I want the doll for Christmas! And the horse, too, of course!

  47. Kimberly michael

    I love watching Little House on the Prairie. I got dvd and vhr moveies of Little House on the Prairie and watch them all the time.

  48. cathy hansen

    loved the little house on the prairie

  49. Kristie Pulver

    I love little house on the prairie. I watch little house on prairie all the time. I love all of them.



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