Free Quilt-Themed Math Printables

by Julie Meyers Pron | Jun 26, 2014

…the beds were neat under their patchwork quilts. The rays of the setting sun came through the windows and filled the house with golden light.

—Little House on the Prairie

As any quilter can tell you, quilting requires a strong foundation of math skills, including pattern recognition, sequencing, and measurement. The math principles that Laura and Mary had to learn in order to make quilts can be fun lessons for you (or your students) as well! 

Little House on the Prairie Math Printables

Pattern And Sequence Math Printables

These pattern and sequence worksheets will help students learn pattern creation and recognition, as well as sequencing and comparison skills.

Pattern Creation and Color: This worksheet emphasizes patterns and sequence creation, allowing students to create a quilt-block pattern of their own during the learning process.

Pattern Comparison: This worksheet focuses not only on creating patterns, but also comparing patterns made by other students to develop critical thinking skills.

Educational Objectives: Pattern Creation, Pattern Sequencing, Pattern Comparison

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Quilt-Themed Math Word Problems

Area Math Word Problems: These quilt-based word problems emphasize area problems.

Math Arrays and Area Word Problems: More quilt-based word problems teach math with a comfy twist.

Educational Objectives: Array Number Stories, Area,

Grade Level: 3rd-5th Grade

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Julie Meyers Pron is a parenting and education writer, who relies on her experiences as a teacher and parent for inspiration. A mother of three children, PTO Director, former MOMS Club President and Vice President, and a (non-practicing) elementary school teacher, Julie has both experience and knowledge in creating a whole-language, standards-based curriculum based on beloved activities and books.

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  1. hi I just want to cry because they took little house off the air I loved that show! I lived that show I even wore the nightgowns from the shows my sister made me the muslin warm nightgown to wear in the cold winters nights ill have to get them on dvd! we all grow up but I felt they never grew up living the 1800s is hard to live I did in the Sturbridge village in mass once I volenteerd to live the life in the 1800s it was no fun at first running around barefoot in snow wearing rags for clothes but its ok! the food was better eating in those days! then the crap made today! tommie


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