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by Website Editors | Oct 14, 2014


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  1. I am a self published Author and lived in rural Quechee, VT when I was young. Our family watched the series in the 70’s. I’ve watched it thru the years in syndacation and at the present. Great morals and values. The entire cast made the show unique. I also read a few of the books as a teen. Albert was a great addition. The papa in my book is based on 4 men, one being Michael Landon’s role as Part.

  2. I would just like to add that Carrie Ingalls husband David Swanzey DID NOT name the mountain Mount Rushmore. A lawyer was visiting from New York City and he asked if that mountain had a name,, and was told that it did not so he named it after himself mr. Rushmore.

  3. I like all the books of Laura Ingalls Wider

    • I am reading a book called Little House In The Big Woods.It is a grate book and very like in the old days,and it is in the old days.


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