Recommended Reading for Adults

by Pamela Smith Hill | Aug 12, 2018

As a researcher and biographer of Laura Ingalls Wilder, I’ve found the work of other Wilder authors and scholars both essential and illuminating. Listed below are titles that explore different areas of her life and work, often bringing entirely new and unexpected interpretations to a wide range of Wilder topics. The list includes classic titles, as well as newer works. The list will continue to grow as Wilder scholarship deepens. Please click here if my Recommended Reading Guide for Children and Young Adults also interests you.

Recommended Little House on the Prairie Themed Reading for Adults

Nonfiction about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Her Life & Work


General Nonfiction:

Literary Nonfiction

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  1. I am so thankful you created this list! I appreciate it very much Pam!

    I enjoyed meeting you a few yrs ago in Des Moines, Ia and bought your book, Pioneer….. annotations….

    Love every page of it!

  2. Just finished “Caroline-Little House Revisited “ by Sarah Miller. Told from the mom’s perspective. Great writing for mature audiences.

  3. Rose Lane also wrote, Charlie Chaplin’s Own Story, in 1916.

  4. Do you have any books about the life of Caroline Ingalls

  5. I don’t see any mention of the Girls series – Martha, Charlotte, Caroline and Rose – Laura’s mother, grandmother, great grandmother and daughter.

    • Here’s the list.
      Little house in the Highland’s
      The far side of the Loch.
      Down to the Bonny Glen
      Beyond the Heather hills

      Little house by Boston bay
      On tide mill lane
      Across the pudding stone dam

      Little house in brookfeild.
      Little town at the crossroads.
      Little clearing in the woods
      On top of Concord hill
      Across the rolling river
      Little city by the lake
      A little house of their own.

      Little house on rocky ridge
      Little farm in the Ozarks
      In the land of the big red apple
      On the other side of the Hill.
      Little town in the Ozarks.
      New dawn on rocky ridge
      On the banks of the bayou.
      Bachelor Girl.

      I’m warning you rose wilder is a bit of a… Rebel. It’s shocking. She gets herself into ALOT of trouble.

  6. I don’t remember if I read these books when I was in school. It would be nice to be able to read Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane. I after reading the books I then give to our local library to add to their library collection.

  7. I love Little House, my granddaughter and I have LHOP marathons, use oil lamps bake very little electricity we have a good time. It is such a wholesome show we need more shows like them. My granddaughter is 10 years old., she loves to spend time making homemade crafts by oil lamp light. Her grandfather lived like LHOP up until he was 9 years old. He had many stories that I would tell her about. It is awesome!

    • We love your Little House story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us and being a part of our community. How wonderful that you can spend quality time with your granddaughter enjoying good old-fashioned fun activities.

  8. hi can u get the Laura Ingalls wilder book in united kingdom England or just in America Can you let me know please as Im still watching the programmes now yours Maria Yeoman

    • Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books are available in the United Kingdom as well. They are published by Egmont UK. Here is the UK listing for Little House on the Prairie: . Enjoy!

      • Where can I get these in the United States? I live in Alabama and watch it every night.

        • Hi Shirley! You should be able to get them at your local book store or online.

    • Thanks for being part of our community Patricia! Muchos saludos!


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