Old-Fashioned Homemade Eggnog Recipe

by | Dec 5, 2018

“Almanzo trudged slowly toward the hayfield with the heavy pail and a dipper. He thought to himself that the pail was too full, he might spill some of the egg-nog… He should do something to save it. So he set down the pail, he dipped the dipper full, and he drank. The cold egg-nog slid smoothly down his throat, and it made him cool inside… Father always maintained that a man would do more work in his twelve hours, if he had a rest and all the egg-nog he could drink, morning and afternoon.”

Farmer Boy


It is believed that eggnog developed from a drink in the Middle Ages and became popular in America in the late 1700s. Today, we can find the drink conveniently stocked in our supermarkets in cartons and in bottles fresh from the local dairy.

But when it is such an easy recipe, why not try making old-fashioned eggnog right in your own kitchen? Whip up a warm batch and open your favorite Little House on the Prairie book or tune in for your favorite “Little House on the Prairie” television episode.

Eggnog Recipe Ingredients

  • 6 Eggs, separated
  • ½ Cup Sugar
  • 1 quart Whole Milk
  • 2 cups Heavy Cream
  • ½ tsp ground nutmeg

How to Make Homemade Eggnog

Old-Fashioned Eggnog Ingredients

To whip the egg whites you can use a mixer or whip by hand with a wire whisk. To use a whisk, make sure you first start with a clean bowl. Any grease in your bowl will keep the egg whites from thickening up correctly. Also, letting the egg whites reach room temperature will help in the whisking process.

For added flavor, you can add one teaspoon of vanilla or rum extract after adding the heavy cream to the egg yolk mixture.

Step One

Separate eggs carefully and put egg yolks and egg whites into two separate mixing bowls.

Eggnog Recipe Eggs in Two Bowls

Step Two

Beat the egg yolks and sugar together with a whisk well until fluffy.

Eggs & Sugar

Step Three

Add the milk and then the cream to the egg yolk mixture (not the egg whites). Mix in any additional extracts and then set the bowl in the refrigerator to chill.

Fluffy Eggs

Step Four

Use your mixer or a whisk to beat the egg whites into soft peaks. Try to ensure that you do not overwhip the egg whites. They will still be usable but will not incorporate as nicely with the rest.

Whipped Eggnog

Step Five

Pour your egg yolk and milk mixture into your serving bowl. Carefully add the whipped egg whites to the top and then fold in.

Step Six

Spoon into individual mugs carefully. Sprinkle nutmeg on the top and serve. Enjoy!

Homemade Eggnog

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Writer of the food blog, Natural Chow, Margaret Anne is a green-thumbed Christian striving to live a healthy lifestyle and teach others about eating and living naturally. She understands the importance of inexpensive meals, family time, health, having fun, and making foods that are good for your body. See her contributions to Little House on the Prairie below.


  1. Dana baynum

    How would one bottle and give as a gift…??

  2. Elizabeth

    I usually hate eggnog but my brother loves it and we could not find it at the store so I made it and I LOVE IT it’s so good.

  3. Jamye

    Thank you so much for the homemade eggnog recipe!! I grew up watching little house and now we are reading all of the books to our three children which we also homeschool. My question is at the beginning of the article it talks about a warm cup of eggnog but in the recipe it’s not actually cooked correct? So what’s the best way to have it warm? Sorry I’ve never made it homemade and would love to try it. Also is it safe to drink it cold without it being cooked first?

  4. Toni

    Margaret Anne, thank you for sharing your recipe. We (husband and four (adult now) children have had egg nog during every hay season and summer since they were little. We loved egg nog and when we read about Alonzo, we thought what another fun idea/way for stewardship (always having a milk cow-looking for more things to make with it) and nutrition into our life. But, this year we couldn’t find our simple/old recipe. Since it had become a fun tradition, we were so disappointed, then found yours.

    Not only was the recipe and your sharing it appreciated, but also, your brief bio. on you. It’s always a delight and encouragement to see young Christians ‘choosing’ to be a light and by your picture and short Bio. you can tell you are being be-YOU-tiful.

    Thank you, littlehouseontheprairie, for keeping an older post.

  5. Kim Fitzsimons

    I have always loved Little House since I was a little girl. I am 56 now and I still love to watch today. But I can’t enjoy eggnog bc I am lactose intolerant. I still enjoy reading your blog and learning new things about health and recipes to try. I love Jesus and I follow Him and His Word the best I can. ♥️

  6. Linda Rodriguez Pitzen

    Very interesting. Love the recipe, but mostly love your attitude of healthy lifestyle, Christianity, inexpensive meals, etc.

  7. Dotti

    I am so happy to see a non-boozy egg nog recipe. Thank you! It looks delicious!

  8. Joy

    Thank you. Im excited to try this.

  9. Heidi Carlton-Hoskins

    This is how my mother made egg nog. She was born in 1927. She whipped the egg whites, then folded them in. Most recipes now days dont do this. This is the first recipe Ive seen that does.

  10. Johnny

    “Old-Fashioned” is misleading as eggnog traditionally is very boozy.

    “The word nog was an Old English term for ale, and a noggin was the cup from whence it was drunk.

    Although most Americans think of eggnog as something they get out of a milk carton during the two-week period leading up to Christmas, eggnog descends from sack posset, a strong, thick English beverage built upon eggs, milk and either a fortified wine (like Madeira) or ale.”

  11. Anita Carol Gambrell

    I am 56 years old and never knew what eggnog was! Wow!

  12. Penni

    My mother made homemade eggnog it was delicious! I lost her recipe…thank you for publishing this one! Happy holidays!

  13. Faith (An Edible Mosaic)

    I’m so happy to have discovered your beautiful blog – Little House on the Prairie has been one of my favorite books/shows since I was a little girl! 🙂 And eggnog…yum! It’s one of my favorite holiday treats and I don’t make it nearly often enough!

  14. Angela England

    I was able to easily get to the related post when I clicked the link. Were you not able to see the new recipe when you clicked it?



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