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by | Mar 18, 2018

Laura Ingalls Wilder traveled extensively throughout Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, and beyond. We have compiled a list of the historic sites and museums related to Laura Ingalls Wilder and Little House on the Prairie, as well as other points of interest.  Please click below to go directly to the listings in that state:


Historic Locations and Museum Sites


Pomona Public Library in Pomona, California – Visit the “Laura Ingalls Wilder Room,” where you will discover the handwritten manuscript of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little Town on the Prairie. The library also includes the original typewritten manuscript of By the Shores of Silver Lake and the teleplay of “Remember Me” from Season 2 of the TV series. In 1967 the first Gingerbread Sociable was held at the library to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mrs. Wilder’s birth. A Gingerbread Sociable has been held the first Saturday in February every year since then with live music, pioneer craft displays, and apple cider and gingerbread. Find out more by visiting the Facebook page.


Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Marker near Westville, Florida – There is a Laura Ingalls Wilder historical marker located on County Road 163 near Westville, Florida. It commemorates the location where Laura, Almanzo, and their daughter Rose lived from October 1891 to August 1892.  Rose later wrote a short fictionalized story inspired by her family’s sojourn in Florida entitled “Innocence,” which was published in the April 1922 issue of Harper’s Monthly Magazine and won the O. Henry Award second prize that year.  The family attended Mount Ida Congregational Methodist Church, which still stands nearby.  Find out more by visiting the website of the Historical Marker Database.


Courtesy of Laura Ingalls Wilder Park & Museum

Courtesy of Laura Ingalls Wilder Park & Museum

Laura Ingalls Wilder Park and Museum in Burr Oak, Iowa – Nestled along the banks of Silver Creek in the Northeast corner of Iowa, Burr Oak is the town where the Ingalls family lived in 1876 when Laura was nine years old. Take a tour of the Masters’ Hotel that the family managed and see the birth site of Caroline’s fourth daughter, Grace. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

Little House on the Prairie Historic Sites and Locations - where Laura Ingalls Wilder walked

1900 horse-powered farm. Courtesy of living history farms.

Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa –  Living History Farms is an interactive, 500-acre outdoor history museum that educates people of all ages about Midwestern rural life experiences. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the three working farm sites: 1700 Ioway Indian Farm, 1850 Pioneer Farm, and 1900 Horse-Powered Farm. Find out more by visiting the website, Facebook page, or Twitter.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch, Iowa – Nestled in an Iowa prairie landscape, the Library and Museum tell the extraordinary story of Herbert Hoover, the 31st president of the United States. The Library and Museum are also home to an extensive collection or archival information about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose Wilder Lane. Find out more by visiting the website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

The IBSSS Mary Ingalls Society in Vinton, Iowa – The Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School Mary Ingalls Society was established to fund and support the historical significance of the school and its connection with the Ingalls-Wilder story. Find out more by visiting the Facebook page.

Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum near Oskaloosa, Iowa – Since 1960, Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum has been honoring rural pioneers. They host “Laura’s Days” and many other events with hands-on activities, programs, and presentations. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

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Little House on the Prairie Museum replica of the log house Laura Ingalls lived in with her family in Kansas.

Photo Courtesy of Little House on the Prairie Museum, Inc.- Independence, KS

Little House on the Prairie Museum near Independence, Kansas – This historic site consists of a reproduction cabin similar to the one in which the Ingalls family lived while on the Osage Diminished Reserve on the Kansas prairie. It also features a one-room schoolhouse, post office, and well, hand-dug by Charles Ingalls. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

Mid-America All-Indian Center in Wichita, Kansas – The Mid-America All-Indian Center (MAAIC) is a unique cultural facility located on the shores of the Arkansas River in downtown Wichita, Kansas. Established in 1969, the MAAIC’s goal is to educate the community about the traditions and heritage of Native American peoples while recognizing the vital role they play in today’s society. The Center features a collection of more than 3,000 artifacts. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, Kansas – Travel back in time to the late 1800s to a frontier settlement on the Chisholm Trail. Far-flung and isolated without connections to the rest of the country, except by horse and stage, pioneers journeyed without any idea of what the future could be. You have to experience Cowtown, a representation of Wichita’s early days, and entrepreneurial development. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City, Kansas – Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is a United States National Preserve located in the Flint Hills region of Kansas, north of Strong City. Tallgrass prairie lands once covered 170 million acres of North America, yet less than 4% remains today, mostly in the Flint Hills. This preserve protects nationally significant tallgrass prairie and its cultural resources, and since 2009 has also been home to a growing herd of bison. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

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Photo courtesy of little house on the prairie museum near independence, Kansas

Laura’s Dugout Home near Walnut Grove, Minnesota – Laura Ingalls Wilder lived 1.5 miles north of Walnut Grove along the banks of Plum Creek from 1874 to 1876. In 1947 the Gordon family purchased the 172-acre farm where the Dugout was located, and to this day, it is available for Laura fans to visit and experience the sights and sounds described in On the Banks of Plum Creek. Find out more by visiting the website.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, Minnesota – Learn about the history of the Ingalls family in the Walnut Grove area by visiting the museum’s collections. They are housed in a series of impressive structures such as an 1898 depot, a chapel, a dugout, and covered wagon display, and an early settler home. Find out more by visiting the museum on Twitter and Facebook page.

Sod House on the Prairie in Sanborn, Minnesota – This site is located 18 miles east of Walnut Grove along the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway. The Sod House on the Prairie features acres of restored prairie with tall grasses, flowers, and sod houses so you can experience the prairie as Laura knew it. These authentically built replicas feature dirt floors, grass roofs, and sod walls.

Spring Valley Methodist Church Museum in Spring Valley, Minnesota – This beautiful church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Historical records show the church’s connection to the Wilder family, including Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder, as well as Almanzo’s sisters. Find out more by visiting the website.

Wheels Across the Prairie Museum in Tracy, Minnesota – Explore the museum’s exhibits, which include historic buildings and collections of farm equipment and train equipment from America’s past. In By the Shores of Silver Lake, Laura Ingalls Wilder describes her first train ride from Walnut Grove to Tracy in the 1880s and later mentions Tracy as a rail center in her book The Long Winter. Find out more by visiting the Facebook page.

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The Historic Farmhouse in Mansfield, Missouri

The Historic Farmhouse in Mansfield, Missouri

Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum in Mansfield, Missouri – Visit the final homes of Laura and Almanzo and the new state-of-the-art museum and visitor center. Visitors can see the study where Laura wrote her beloved Little House books, as well as the many treasures that remain exactly how she left them, including Pa’s fiddle and Almanzo’s tools.  Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

Arabia Steamboat Museum in Kansas City, Missouri – The Arabia Steamboat Museum is a unique Kansas City attraction: a time capsule of life on the American frontier in the mid-nineteenth century. Visitors can experience the everyday objects that made life possible for pioneers in the 1800s. The museum houses the most extensive single collection of pre-Civil War artifacts in the world. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

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Homestead National Monument of America in Beatrice, Nebraska – Homestead National Monument of America, part of the National Park System and located in Southeast Nebraska, commemorates the Homestead Act of 1862 and the far-reaching effects it had upon the landscape and people. Find out more by visiting the websiteFacebook page, and Twitter.

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New York 

The Almanzo Wilder Farm is where Farmer Boy book took place.

Photo courtesy of Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder association near Malone, New York.

Wilder Homestead: Boyhood of Almanzo in Malone, New York – The Wilder Homestead was the boyhood home of Almanzo Wilder, which his wife, Laura Ingalls Wilder, described in her second Little House book, Farmer Boy. The museum houses a collection of antique tools that were used during the time the Wilders lived there. Find out more by visiting the website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

Cuba Historical Society in Cuba, New York – Charles Ingalls,  Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved father, was born on a farm in the North Cuba area. Several members of the Ingalls family had settled there before 1835, and several brothers all had adjoining farmlands.  

Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, New York – Genesee Country Village & Museum is the largest living history museum in New York State. It includes a 19th-century village, gallery, nature center, and 600 acres of gardens and wildlife. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

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Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio – Take a step back in time at Ohio’s largest living-history village. Explore more than forty historic homes and shops, visit with costumed guides and working craftsmen, try unique hands-on activities, and so much more. Find out more by visiting the website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

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Singing Creek Educational Center in Junction City, Oregon – Go back in time as a pioneer and have an experience you will never forget. Located on a working farm, Singing Creek Educational Center’s mission is to inspire children and families toward an appreciation of local history through hands-on interactive learning. Find out more by visiting the website.

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Historic Sugartown in Malvern, Pennsylvania – Described as a nineteenth-century crossroads village, Historic Sugartown inspires the community to engage with the past through authentic 19th-century experiences, participate in the village’s present life and protect it for the future. Find out more by visiting the websiteFacebook page, and Twitter.

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South Dakota 

Little House on the Prairie Historic Locations where Laura Ingalls Wilder walked - Photo Courtesy of South Dakota Department of Tourism

Image Courtesy of South Dakota Department of Tourism

Ingalls Homestead in De Smet, South Dakota – The Ingalls Homestead is in the heart of South Dakota’s tallgrass prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder lived on this land from ages 13 to 18. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook page.

The Ingalls home site in De Smet, South Dakota - From the historic Little House on the Prairie location index.

Photo courtesy of Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society De Smet, South Dakota

Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Homes in De Smet, South Dakota – The Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Society was founded shortly after Laura Ingalls Wilder’s death in 1957. Tour several historic homes, including the Surveyors’ House from the book By the Shores of Silver Lake and the final home of Ma, Pa, and Mary Ingalls. Find out more by visiting the website, Pinterest account, and Facebook Page.

The Loftus Store in De Smet, South Dakota is a historic Little House on the Prairie location.

Photo courtesy of The Loftus Store

Loftus Store in De Smet, South Dakota – The Loftus store opened in 1879 and is still around today in its original building. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote of Mr. Loftus and The Loftus Store in The Long Winter. Visitors come to the store to browse the Laura Ingalls Wilder memorabilia. Find out more at the website.

Prairie House Manor in De Smet, South Dakota – This gorgeous home was built in 1894 and is mentioned in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book, The Long Winter. It’s now a lovely Victorian Bed and Breakfast! Find out more by visiting the website.

The De Smet Cemetery and Ingalls Family Grave Sites – The De Smet Cemetery is located southwest of De Smet on a hilltop overlooking the city. The Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1881 when it was still Dakota Territory and has headstones dating back to 1880. Each year visitors come to see the gravesites of several Ingalls family members, including Charles, Caroline, Mary, Carrie, Grace, and the infant son of Laura and Almanzo Wilder. Find out more by visiting the De Smet website.

First Congregational Church – The historic First Congregational Church in De Smet was organized by Charles Ingalls in 1880, with the town’s first religious service taking place in his home on February 29, 1880. Through contributions and pledges, construction on a formal church building began in 1882, with Pa assisting in the structure. Still standing today, the church has maintained its historic presence. Find out more by visiting the website.

Keystone Historical Museum in Keystone, South Dakota – Keystone was the long-time home of Carrie Ingalls, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s younger sister.  The Keystone Historical Museum’s collection of memorabilia highlights Carrie’s career in the local newspaper. Find out more by visiting the website.

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Lake Pepin where Laura Ingalls Lived

Photo of Lake Pepin Taken by a Resident

Heritage Hill State Historic Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin – A trip to Heritage Hill is a great way to experience and learn about Northeastern Wisconsin’s rich heritage. Heritage Hill is a living history museum that provides an educational and interactive experience that encourages visitor awareness, understanding, and appreciation of its diverse regional history. Find out more by visiting the website and Twitter page.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Pepin, Wisconsin – This is the starting point of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway and Laura’s birthplace, where Little House in the Big Woods took place. The log cabin standing on the site today is a re-creation of the Ingalls’ home and sits on the very land that Ma and Pa owned. Although the big woods are no longer there, visitors can still admire the beauty of Lake Pepin. Find out more by visiting the website and Facebook Page.

Old World Wisconsin - Little House on the Prairie Home Sites and Historic Locations

Photo Courtesy of Old World Wisconsin

Manitowoc County Historical Society in Manitowoc, Wisconsin – The Manitowoc County Historical Society is a 60-acre interpretive museum of living history. It features a Welcome Center with local history exhibits and the outdoor Pinecrest Historical Village – a collection of over 25 historic buildings with period furnishings from early settlers. Visit the blacksmith’s forge, take part in one-room school lessons, or look for your ancestor’s name in their archives. Find out more by visiting the website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, Wisconsin – Old World Wisconsin started in 1976 and has over 60 historic buildings on site.  You’ll love to explore the historic 19th century and early 20th century farms. Find out more by visiting the websiteFacebook page, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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Additional Resources

Sandra Hume has written two useful articles for this website – Tips for Family Travel to the Little House Sites and Pageants and Six Can’t-Miss Things to Do and See in De Smet, South Dakota. If De Smet is your primary destination, pick up a copy of Sandra’s “Land of Laura” travel guide, which includes information about lodging, food and dining, transportation, and several sample itineraries.

Barbara and George Hawkins’ Little House Site Tours is a great way to organize your pilgrimage to the Laura Ingalls Wilder historic locations and museum sites. Find out more by reading this interview with Barbara Hawkins and visiting her website.

Do you know a location we should add to the website? Please use the contact form to let us know!  

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  1. Kathleen Baxter

    My home town is Walnut Grove. I grew up on our family farm there and Plum Creek was easy to walk to. We could easily see the remains of the dugout.
    I visited the Wilder home in upstate New York and the Ingalls sites in other states.

    • Meg

      Amazing! Are the dugout remains still there? I wonder if there are pictures of it.

      • Deborah

        We just visited the dugout site in June 2021. The dugout collapsed a long time ago, but it’s location is marked and memorialized. It’s worth the effort to visit this site. The creek is still there and gives you a feel for how it was. Many signs note historical points from the story.

    • Maureen

      That is so cool. I watch Little House on the Prairie movies every single day. I want to visit all the sites one day and am looking forward especially walnut grove and plum creek. Any suggestions.

  2. Mary Jo m Fundock

    I started reading early on but I was in book Heaven when I found the Liw books. I read them and read them and read them. I purchased the book set for myself (as an adult) and for my children. I even purchased the books after the “original”. LIW was what all us little girls wanted to be and for any of us with pioneering ancestry, it was US.. Thank you so much for this site.



  4. Alicia

    I am so excited to have found this wonderful website. I loved watching the show as a child and always wished that Charles and Caroline were my parents. I had my children watch when they were growing up and now I am watching again with my granddaughter. She is totally immersed in each show just like I was. It is so sweet to be able to look back on a time when the world made more sense. I will enjoy your website and will enjoy sharing it with my granddaughter. Thank you for making that possible.

  5. sally

    such a fan of the show! i’ve watched them all!! i’m planning on visiting the walnut grove location but did they really not rebuild their tiny walnut grove home? i was looking forward to that.

    • Cinthia domagala

      It’s nice to visit something that was a book and a show then you find out it’s real then you find out there’s museums.its interesting to go.

  6. Ms.Gonzales

    My little sister calls it little prairie on the house.❤️

  7. Gay Guelker

    Years ago, Marvin and I drove to all the home sites after I read the book and toured all of them. I bought souvenirs and still have a picture magnet of the home in Mansfield, Missouri which we visited twice. Second visit we stayed in the R.V. park overnight. I drink my morning coffee from my Independence, Kansas little house brown and tan coffee mug which I do not put in the dishwasher or microwave. I treasure all my book markers and my 12 inch pale green ruler which has photos of all seven homes and Laura as a beautiful older lady. I have a cassette tape of her voice speaking. I truly treasure all these items which will be passed to my granddaughter and great granddaughter along with a cassette player that is in good working condition. 25 or 30 years ago, I purchased the gift box of hard cover books from SAMS Club for my Christmas gift to myself.

  8. Marjorie Shore

    Where do I find all the books or series of books of little house on the pariaire, I would love to purchase them all I love reading an watching little house on the pariaire ,I watch every show thy had on television an I have all them on DVD an I watch them over an over I love the show.

  9. Julie Br Brown

    I loved little House on the prairie as a child, still love it today as an adult. We need more wholesome family shows like LHOP on television today

    • Debra Curtis

      Very true point

  10. Sarah

    As a child my mother read the series of books to me and later we watched the programs on tv it always has been one of my favorites I actually have the hard cover copies of her books as well as all non seasons of the show on dvd

  11. Laura O

    Laura had taught school in South Dakota, the one Almonzo would go to on Friday and bring her home for the weekend. What’s on that site now? Did the town save any keepsakes for future generations?

  12. Bruce

    I grew up with this series and had a lot of fun over the years experiencing historical sites throughout the United states and many other countries because of my love for history and the kind of lives people lived back then. I still attribute much of this to the books and show by Laura Ingalls.

  13. Mary

    I am 72 years old and to this day I never miss an episode. I watch the reruns evert night. I still love every episode.

  14. DC Elizabeth

    Thank you for maintaining such a useful and sweet website. Just what I was looking for to take my Laura-loving daughters to some sites on family vacations. And for places we can’t get to, now we can look at photos.

    • Greg

      What I find remarkable is if that’s the real luara Ingalls in the pictures above,that the actors ,laura, her older sister an her mother (from the show)captures the real look of luara Ingalls wilder at different time periods of her life..faceaul features an look. .wow…did anyone know this?…Wow…

  15. Eliza Leckway

    I love little house on the prairie

    • Johnnie Crawford

      I love little house on the parie

      • Deborah Hedlund

        I listen every night while falling asleep on my Kindle to Beverly V. narrate the books on youtube!

  16. Angelique Damart

    Etant une grande fan de laura, je trouve dommage que touts les livres ne sont pas traduit en français ???? helas je n’aurais jamais les moyens de venir visiter touts ces lieux ou elle a habité, et lire ces livres c est pour moi une facon de vivre son histoire avec elle ❤️ Being a big fan of laura, I find it a pity that not all books are translated into French ???? alas I would never afford to visit all these places where she lived, and reading these books is for me a way to live his story with her ❤️

    • maylis

      Hello Angélique,

      mais si, tous les livres sont traduits en français !! Je les ai lus petite, et ma fille de 10 ans vient de les lire ! Ils existent absolument !! Vous devez chercher par internet ou votre libraire, et cela vous procurera une grande joie ! but if all the books are translated into French !! I read them small, and my 10-year-old daughter just read them! They exist absolutely !! You must search the internet or your bookseller, and it will give you great joy!

  17. Andrea Williams

    Little house on the prairie was my favorite childhood movie I did not have a television of my own but when it was Saturday night I will be at my neighbors house ready to watch, even now I’m a adult I still have anxiety towhen I talk about my show I loved the show and all the characters in it my favorite was Laura of course make my kids also watched the series all over when ever it comes on well done to all who participated in this movie I wish if I could get all the series to watch all over again in my house to own I would be glad to make my grandchildren watch it also that I would appreciate!!!!

    • Ryan Williamson

      If you want to watch it all seasons are on amazon prime. They are all in good quality, and they have all 9 seasons. My wife and I have been watching them, and are in the last season.

    • Nadira

      Hello ma’am, just wanted to say this was my favorite childhood show also, and I’m actually watching it over right this minute as I’m writing this to you with my 3 daughters ,and they are enjoying it as much as I did and still do. You can get the entire series on Amazon prime ????

  18. Brian

    I was wondering what happened to the house that the family lived in during the show?

    • Erin

      The actor who played John Carter (Stan Ivar) disassembled it and took it home. (Per several websites) A replica was built for fans to tour but burned down in 2003.

    • darcy rodriguez

      sadly it burned down when lightning struck it this past May.

    • Rita S Magee

      I would like to know what happened to the house the ingalls family lived in my self

  19. Karrie

    In the episode _castoff- was Kenzia based on a real person in the town. Lived in the abandoned underground cellar/bunker with her crow?

  20. Adolfo Robledo

    I want to now to get to walnut grove mn from st Paul mn

  21. Christine Valitutti

    When I was a little girl I loved learning about Laura and her family.

    Now here I am today, a grandma sitting with my 8 yr old granddaughter Sophia who is home sick. We are reading Little House for school. They are doing a lesson on her life.

    What a pleasure this is.

  22. Aurora

    Real clear site, regards for this post.

  23. Dan Flyger

    Please, put a picture of the Surveyor’s House in DeSmet onthis site. It is the only house that is mentioned in the books that is actually still standing and as it was when Laura herself lived in it. She never lived in Ma and Pa’s house which you have in your picture.

  24. Janet Cunningham

    I just found out about the Little House on the Prairie being reconstructed. One of my son’s friends is working on it.

  25. Gerald Murphy

    The show is in no way related to the Wilder books. You should read the books if you haven’t already.

  26. Aicha Rogers

    Where can I order a dress with apron and bonnet for adult I need it in a 3x size

  27. Debbie elliott

    i love this show and the all the familly i grew up with this show

    • Julie

      The show has nothing to do with the actual truth, they had a pretty rough life!

  28. Jenn

    Does anyone have coordinates/addresses for the signs/historical markers?

  29. Rio Gora

    I love LHOP although l am from Philippines my Husband is American and he love the story as much l love it.

  30. Angelia

    I would love too live there it peacefully

  31. Jennifer Rance

    I’m travelling to San Francisco next year from the UK and would like to see the house where Rose lived and Laura visited. Does anyone know it’s address. I have been unable to find it so far.

  32. Vicky

    Anything about Grace Ingalls?

    • BM

      She died. Read the above section where it says you can see the graves in De Smet.

  33. Patti

    I’m totally confused if Rose water is a mid eastern ingredient why would someone from Little House on the Prairie use it in a recipe for a cake in the US. Its more of a ingredient used in a foreign country ??? My momma just turned 100 and she said rosewater was made to be used in soups or oriental recipes

    • kenny

      how make rosewater

  34. Marvel Gardner

    I love reading about Ingels family . My husband and I Kansas saw their home and also in Mansfield, MO would love go to So Dak follow on down to Missouri.Maybe one day thanks about your info

    • Rio Gora


  35. Chantel

    Going to Mansfield MO in Oct to tour her home.

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    Wonderful website! Keep up the good WOR. Very informative and enjoyable reading. I look forward to seeing more.

  37. Laura

    I love this site didn’t know about it till today

  38. Keri

    I Love Little house I’m watching it right now on Hallmark channel.. I wished I had been born back in those days.. Living off the land, struggling to make ends meet.. Same as I do now..The Cast was the best.. Although I didn’t care for Nellie or her Mom..the one I’m watching now is they went to Chicago, to meet that boy Mary liked..John he was in love with another girl.and it made Mary cry,..

    • Jennifer

      I loved watching little house. I wished I could have known what it was like to live back then. Miss a lot of the actors and actress on that show. I still watch the shows. Can never get tired of watching I little house.

  39. Sheila Kraft

    They lived in Spring Valley, Minnesota for a short time. There is a museum in the old Methodist Church in town. For those who loved the tv show, I hope you also read the books. The early shows (kind of) followed the books, but most of it was Hollywood drama. Laura’s books are even than the show!

    • Melissa Tarpley

      I so agree with you!!
      The books are so much better then the t.v show, after reading the books the t.v show was such a disappointed. Why can’t they make a show base on a book true to the book. I’m hoping to see Laura’s houses in Missouri and De Smet south Dakota.

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  41. Raiza Hanoon

    I love little house on the prairies……i watch it in nineteen seventies…….

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    I would like to know more about Laura Ingalls Wilder

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    I grew up with Little House on the Prarie.It was wat helped through tuff times !

  44. Kathy grassell

    I was always a fan of little house. I remember my kids sitting together in the big lounger mesmerized by the story of a girl growing up on the prairie. I’ve visited most of the place she lived at. Her book started as a journal and developed into an inspirational story. I’m so glad her daughter convinced her to write it. It is simply told as it should be after all it’s a children book. We don’t need to dissect it.
    I Remember visiting the DeSmet grave sites before they put up the new thomestones. I certainly like the old simple one better.

  45. Teresa

    I. Love little house on the prairie

  46. Teri

    Laura also lived for a short time in Harlingen, TX. The home was to be a summer home. From what I have found out she was here just before her death. I have found pictures of the home, now i just have to go look for it. I know it will be I mpossible to go in to the home but I can see it from the outside.

    • Teri

      So sorry,,, My hubby corrected me it was Rose , Laura’s daughter who lived down here.

    • Cindy Valenzuela

      Do you have the address to her home…..I’m 10 min. From Harlingen….

  47. Kristi Burks

    I watch the show very day I love it

  48. Sharon

    Love this show reminds me of what families should be…oh how times have changed. I still watch the shows and just love all the characters!

  49. aurora harmon

    I love little house on thepraire

  50. Priscilla Thompson

    I will NEVER tire of watching my absolute favorite show of all time! Little House On The Prairie will ALWAYS be so very special to me! I still remember my older brother and I watching it with my parents as children, then seeing my dad also read the books once in awhile when he miraculously wasn’t interested in any silly ball games on TV! Lol! It was a very memorable time for all if us, and I will not soon forget those special family times in our home! The Waltons, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke were major favorites, too, but Little House On The Prairie most DEFINITELY topped ’em all, and still does! I just absolutely LOVE this show, and it will ALWAYS be a part of me in some way or another! MAJOR THANKS to ALL who had a part in making the show as special as it was, and still is! MUCH love to all! 😉

  51. Sharon Howery

    “Little House in the prairie” when I was in 5th grade Mrs Gordon read us the series.. And while I was growing up that was family time for the whole family… Still till this day I watch the series in the Hallmark Channel… I will never get tired of watching my all time favorite show!!!

  52. jewel miller

    They also lived in walnut grove minnesota

  53. Alexander von Marwede

    The little House on the prairy serials on tv was one of the very best I ever have seen, so natural and human,so real, full of simple values of life and Christianity. We never forget the beautiful actors, especially the kids who played so well, but even the adults. We are in debt to Laura Wilder who left us such a beautiful story of a time that does not exist anymore. Melissa Gibson played her very well in the serials, im sure she was happy to see it in real if she was still alive, with a big smile on her face. Thank you for this website and to keep honoring those great simple family s we do love very much. God bless the makers and players of the Little House , the descendants of the real family s as well all good and honest God fearing folks of the United States of America. With warm regards from out of Bruges, Belgium

    • E Sampson

      Melissa Gilbert!

  54. michelle

    I iove little house on the prairie I love laura ingalls wilder I love Mary in galls too I watching them every day on hallmarks and love to nelsons and pa and ma and baby Carrie and graces .and I like laura books she die in long time and I her handband

  55. Anne Miner

    The Ingalls also lived in Burr Oaks,Iowa for a winter. Mary went to the school for the blind in Vinton, iowa. Laura and almanzo also lived in Florida before settling in MO.

  56. Lisa Philip

    I grew up watching the TV series and reading the books. In fact I’m re-reading ‘On the Banks of Plum Creek’, at the moment, aged 49. They take me away from life’s troubles.

  57. amy walker

    I’m am 47 and have watched since I was a child I have to whole collection of all the LHOP movies I watch this every day when it plays on TV and if not then I pop one in the DVD and sit back a watch I never get tired of them.. I am from Louisiana and my biggest dream is to one day visit the town and the house on Plum Creek..


    i have watched them over and over . i have all the series of little house ,love every min.

  59. Karen Van

    You feel what the family felt, yet it portrayed fine, wholesome values without being preachy or sactimonious. The family were thoroughly good and honorable yet human.

  60. Michelle

    I loved watching little house and one day while watching little house my ex step mother comes and tells me your great grandmother was nalie Olson that was a shocker and found out it was true was a bigger one…

  61. tina breselow

    I’m 40 yrs old now and I still LOVE watching little house I ve watched it since I was very young. My mom and I would watch it religiously I have also just brought the whole series on DVD! My family enjoys it now too. My heart hurts to know that the buildings are gone If ONLY a person could go to Walnut Grove to visit the town and buildings as they were at one time ..Would be a dream come true!

  62. kathyford

    i love watching little house on the praire

  63. Hunter

    When I was in 1st grade my teacher would reward us by reading the little house books she has been to all the little house places

  64. Pauly Tee

    Don’t forget California when Laura visited Rose in San Francisco in 1915 for the Panama Pacific International Exposition

  65. Isabelle Whorton

    This was amazing information

  66. Phyllis Drake

    I and my family watched the “Little House Series from the time it started being broadcast on television. I went to the Bloomfield, Indiana Library and gathered all the books I could find on Laura Ingalls-Wilder. I read all the biography books and all the original Little House Books aloud to my husband and five children. Reading took place at bedtime, as the four girls had a room across from ours and my son had a room adjacent to theirs. All three doors were located where they could hear as I read. I would take a large glass of water to sit by bed and would read into the night. If I dozed someone would yell “Mom”. I would read as long as they were all awake, but when one went to sleep, we stopped our reading until the next night. I have since purchased all of the original books and some of the extra side books. Have all the movies from Time-Life. Recently have purchased more books on Laura’s life, some cookbooks and other books. Visited Mansfield four times. Been through Sleepy eye, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota. Saw Plum Creek, and where dugout on Banks had set, Ingalls home in De Smet, South Dakota, homestead, along the route with a Sod house, a dugout replica, the church, school, covered wagon, and various buildings. A wagon ride to tour the homestead, of course the store to sell memorabilia remakes of things of the time. Visited Walnut Grove. Some of our touring was at a faster pace than I would have liked. I would love touring all of Laura’s historical sites at a slow pace and be able to spend time at each location to get the real feel. Stay in local bed and breakfasts. And walk the streets. My children and grandchildren still love Laura Ingalls and keep her memory alive in all their homes!! A true pioneer woman who has passed on her legacy of knowledge.

  67. Marilyn Fitzgerald

    i like watching Little House On The Prairie even when my children were little still watch the tv program as much as I can and have all but one book

  68. Karen Wade

    I have watched since I was a kid I am the same age as Melissa Gilbert so I guess we grew up together and I have always loved the and I live in Kansas now but I grew up in Arkansas but anyway I do live in Kansas now and I have been to Independence, Kansas I don’t live very far from it so I have been to the town a few time and my husband n I have been to there house as is shown up above and the wagon and as you see the are not as big as they show on TV but anyway I have read a lot about Laura and she hasn’t really talked about her year that she lived here in Kansas but I do know that during the time they lived here and that they moved or moving here they had stopped at the Benders places now I say this because what they did saved there lives at the time because when they stopped to rest they ate there food and they rested out at there wagon and if they had gotten any of the food n supply’s inside then Pa had went in and got them alone and then when it as morning they left for Independence because at the road there is a sign for people to eat and stay the night at the Benders but they never left because they were killed and robbed for what ever they had and buried on the land the only reason there was anything going on about missing people was because a doctor from Independence had left to go to another town and on his was way back he made the worst mistake of his life and he stopped at the Benders place and then he was missing and he had 2 brothers in high places one in the Army high ranks and one in Washington DC so needless to say they were called the Army and every house was checked from all around and the Benders heard about it and packed up and left and in her book she did say that her Pa did help look for those bad people but her Pa said that people like that they wont never find and they never did and they think it was because they split up the woman and girl went up north some where and the Man n boy went south and that maybe the reason but that is what the story is here about them and Laura didn’t say much about them in her book

    • RoseMarie Herdman

      I believe it was 1983 or 1984 my oldest son and i were coming back from Springdale, Ark. after a visit to Grandparents and we visited the site in Independence, ks. i have been a fan of Little house on the prairie series i guess from the first day it aired. My children and i watched it and my grandchildren, even watched many episodes with a daughter-in-law. Today as a Grandmother i still watch the series. don;t think i will ever get tired of the re0runs. I am purchasing the Little house Cookbook.. So nice to be able to get a newsletter.

      I hope my grandchildren;s children someday get the chance to watch re-runs and enjoy the books.

      i live in Ct. But while i was born in Oklahoma, i grew up in the ozarks of Arkansas and to this day having lived in Ct. since 2000, i still have my ozark accent.


      Rosie herdman

  69. Denise Crosby

    Thank you very much for allowing myself and my second graders at Ribet Academy to step back in time and see how Laura lived.

  70. Taylor Newell

    Love to watch the show

  71. Sandra Kane

    I have loved her kooks most of my life. I have read them over and over. Laura was alive when I was a little girl and I found it amazing!!!
    I got to visit her houses in Mansfield Mo. In 2011, I loved it all.
    Sandra Kane
    Homeland CA.

  72. nichelle rose

    I watch the show everyday monday thru friday n i love it n now its where laura is engaged

    • skyblu

      I allways watch them wen I was little grul I love them wish they adopt me

  73. rhonda

    Little house on the prairie was a big part of my childhood. Now I love sharing it with my family.

  74. v

    just north of Pepin is one of my favorite towns on the planet, Stockholm, Wisconsin!

  75. Tina

    I have watched l.h.on the p. Since I was a little girl I love them

    • diane perez

      diane perez i also watch little house on the prairie everyday when i am home from work.and i like all the cast in it too.

    • Jeretta Bliss

      I am 70 yrs. young. I watched Little House on the Prairie from the beginning. I am watching the re runs now. I love them.
      One never gets tired of the good old fashion days and ways.

  76. Mary D. Kuns

    I watched the series when my children were little, I am now watching the 40th Anniversary Box Season1 2and 3. They filmed it about a mile from where I live in Simi Valley. I use to watch the film crew leave every afternoon.
    Absolutely loved that story and hope to get the books if I can find them.

  77. Johnnie Sue Gauss

    I Love Little House on the Prairie!! I’m 58 now and i still watch them!! I try to put myself in that time! My husband built my house like the one on the show!! I love it!! I even have the loft!! But i have a staircase !! But I would love to see were they all lived, It would be a GREAT Joy for me!!! Thank you ! And GOD BLESS!! <3 🙂

  78. Cathy

    I sure wish someone would at least put up a historical marker in Florida. Have you heard of any grassroots plans to do this?

  79. Henriette Petersen , Denmark.

    Hei I love all about Little house, and laura,s living. <3



  81. Angella bush

    I loved the little house TV show and wondered how they used to live late 1800 &1930

  82. Rita McDonald

    i loved watching and reading Little house on the Prairie. Thanks for this post.

  83. Betty Hebert

    I just love the show , I watch the reruns all the time ,just love going for a ride up there love this place in Burke ny . Wish we could get those days back !!!

  84. Kathryn Powell

    I grew up watching all Little house tv programmes, loved them all, even brought the dvd’s. Now my girls watch them and simply love them. You can never grow tried watching Little house on the Parrie over & over again.

    • Kathryn Powell

      I grew up watching all Little house tv programmes, loved them all, even brought the dvd’s. Now my girls watch them and simply love them. You can never grow tried watching Little house on the Parrie over & over again.

  85. Leslie Lax

    I loved Little House on the Prairie so much I named my second daughter Laura !!! I bought a Laura Ingalls doll and brought it to the hospital when I had my Laura. She’s 22 years old now and we hope to visit all of the museums and places she lived. She loves being named after such a special lady !!

  86. Jane Lowdermilk

    I love watching the re-runs of Little House. I would loved to have known Laura and her whole family. They all were such a great family.

  87. susan

    love little house i still watch the show every day

  88. peggy penny

    I love this show so much. It make me think about my home tonw.

  89. Edith

    Our whole family loved whiching little house in the prairie

  90. Paul Cloer

    I taught 4th through 6th grades for 21 years and read the “Little House” series to every class. I never got tired of them. When my nieces and nephews came along, and then the “grands” I gave each of them a set to read on their own! They all still have them…..

  91. Tammy Lytle

    I loved watching
    Little House as a child and I still watch them today. I also read the books

  92. Phyllis Pitts

    Love Little House on the Prairie! Grew up watching it. I not only like the story lines in the program, but also the bits and pieces of real American History. I have read some of the books also. Loved them.

  93. Juanita Vaughn Pottinger

    It would have been great to live in those times and be friends with Laura Ingalls. Seem like such a good life. Love her story.

  94. Donna

    I looked at Little House as a child and still watch reruns today. It is great family programs…I like to watch with my grands so they get good programming today…alot of TV or others is not that great to watch today.

  95. Angela England

    Feel free to use the contact form to send us an email with additional locations!

    • Kathryn Powell

      I grew up watching all Little house tv programmes, loved them all, even brought the dvd’s. Now my girls watch them and simply love them. You can never grow tried watching Little house on the Parrie over & over again.

  96. Mary Schultz

    Hi , my name is Mary and I love the book Backyard Farming.



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