Little House on the Prairie DIY No Sew Christmas Tablerunner

by Tatanisha Worthey | Nov 11, 2015

Andover Fabrics recently released three beautiful Little House on the Prairie fabric collections. For those in love with all things Little House on the Prairie, the possibilities of what you can make are endless. For example, you can create Little House on the Prairie dresses and bonnets for girls and adultsstraw hat decorations, or a quilt.

DIY No-Sew Christmas Table Runner

However, I am going to share with you how to make a really simple and easy No Sew Christmas Tablerunner using Little House on the Prairie® fabric.


Materials Needed for No Sew Christmas Tablerunner

Materials to create a no-sew Christmas tree table runner for a Little House on the Prairie Christmas

Creating A Little House on the Praire Tablerunner

Step One. Measure your table to ensure you have the correct length of fabric. After measuring your table and deciding on your choice of fabric, cut to the desired length and lay it out flat on the floor or table.

Setting the base foundation for your no-sew table runner
  • Step Two. Fold each side of the fabric, about an inch. Open it back up and line the No Sew Tape inside of the folded edge, then fold the edge of the fabric back over it.
Aligning the hem line with no-sew fabric tape for an easy Christmas table runner.
  • Step Three. Run the iron down each side of the folded edge of the fabric. I recommend running the iron back and forth at least two – three times to ensure the no sew tape properly holds together. Set this tablerunner aside.
Iron the no-sew fabric tape to secure this easy holiday table runner.
  • Step Four. After you have printed and cut out your Christmas Template, lay it on top of a square piece of fabric. Once you cut the Christmas Tree out, you will want to repeat this step several times.
Christmas tree templates for a DIY Table runner or other Christmas crafts
  • For me, I decided it was easier to just draw a triangle on the back of each piece of fabric and cut it out. I drew a variety of sizes until I had about 20 fabric triangles.
Drawing your Christmas trees on the wrong side of the fabric - prepping the country Christmas table runner pieces!
  • Step Five. Once I had all of my triangles cut out, I placed them on top of the tablerunner. I then picked each one up and placed a few pieces of no sew tape down and ironed the fabric triangle onto it. I repeated this step until each triangle was in place on the tablerunner.
Fastening the Christmas tree triangles to the table runner.
  • Step Six. For the trunk, I decided to use burlap. Another good option is to use a piece of leftover fabric. I cut small strips of burlap, then cut them into squares and put them at the bottom of each triangle using the no-sew tape. You can also use your hot glue gun if you want to complete this step a little quicker.
Fastening the burlap tree trunks to the Christmas Trees for the table runner.
  • Step Seven. Now comes the fun part! Using a mini hot glue gun, I put little dabs on the Christmas trees and quickly placed the buttons on top.
Add button ornaments to the Christmas Tree no-sew table runner
  • Initially my plan was to use red ribbon to intertwine in the buttons, but decided that I didn’t like how it looked. However, if you give it a try, come back and let me know!
No Sew Christmas Tablerunner - Perfect for holiday decor!
  • Since I had some fabric left over, I decide to make cloth napkins to match this Little House on the Prairie® Tablerunner. It’s pretty easy and you can complete this project in about 20 minutes!

Directions to create Little House on the Prairie® Cloth Napkins

Step One. Using a 12×12 square, I folded it in a vertical half.

Simple cloth napkins to match the table runner
  • Step Two. I cut a 12 inch piece of burlap and set it aside.
  • Step Three. Using more no sew tape, I lined the back of the fabric with it, placing the piece of burlap on top of it.
  • Step Four. After running the iron over the fabric and burlap three times, I repeated this process five more times.
No Sew Christmas cloth napkins to match the no-sew Christmas tree table runner.

And that’s it. Two easy No Sew DIY ideas using the newest Little House on the Prairie Fabric from Andover. Are you excited to try out these fabrics for a DIY project? Please leave me a comment below and let me know. And be sure to subscribe to the Little House on the Prairie newsletter for more easy DIY ideas.

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  1. I loved little house as a child and my family grow up watching it now my grandchildren watch it and they have grown to love it.

  2. This is a great idea. I would love to have seen a larger picture of the entire table runner …not just sections. I am a little confused about the last two frames? The red section with the burlap …where does that go on the runner? It is very nice that it is “no sew”. Thanks!

    • If you look at the subheading those are for complementary cloth napkins. “DIRECTIONS TO CREATE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE® CLOTH NAPKINS” You can see glimpes of the cloth napkins in use on the Little House inspired tablescape

      The photo under Step Seven gives a very nice overview of the whole table runner project and all the little trees in one photo. The nice thing is each can have it’s own unique look depending on what buttons you use to adorn your design! When you finish your project please share it with us on the hashtag #LittleHouseMoment! We would love to see what you came up with. 🙂

  3. I loved to see little house on the prairie when i was young i would sit down with my late grandpa and watch it i wished i could of lived in the old times seeing winter and snow keep up the good work !!!

  4. What great ideas. Many thanks for sharing your creativity.


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