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by Website Editors | Jul 22, 2017

Penelope: “I don’t know what I ever saw in you. You are just like him.”
Andy: “Thanks. I will take that as a compliment.”

—Season 6, Episode 20 “Wilder and Wilder”

Little House Heroes

If ever there were icons of perseverance in the face of adversity, it would be brothers Patrick and Matthew Laborteaux (or Labyorteaux; they used both spellings). Each overcame health challenges as young children with the love and care of their adoptive parents, Ronald Laborteaux and Frances “Frankie” Marshall.

Patrick (born July 22, 1965) was adopted at nine months [1] and was inappropriately labeled as ‘psychotic’ by doctors and welfare workers. [2] His mother remembered, “…he was so high-strung he couldn’t keep food down. When we got him, he was suffering from malnutrition and was exhausted. He would break out in a cold sweat when anyone tried to touch him. With a lot of love and a firm, gentle hand, his symptoms had disappeared in a couple of years.”[3]

Matthew (born December 8, 1966) was adopted at ten months with a hole in his heart. [4] The hole healed, but doctors diagnosed Matthew as autistic or retarded and suggested he be institutionalized [5], which was unacceptable to his parents, who later discovered he suffered from low-blood sugar. [6] Frankie noted, “Sugar had been as poisonous to his system as alcohol or dope. The minute we corrected his diet, the change was drastic and immediate. All his problems disappeared. It was amazing.”[7]

Early Careers

The boys were introduced to acting when their actress mother took them to her auditions. [8] Patrick started acting as therapy, and by seven was a veteran of Cheerios and McDonald’s commercials. [9] Days before his eighth birthday, Patrick was cast in “Mame” with Lucille Ball. [10]

Matthew had many hurdles to overcome. He did not walk until age three or talk until age four. [11] Frankie described how, “…when anyone would try to pick him up, he would scream and try to get away. “One day a casting director asked Frankie if she would allow him to audition for a commercial. “I was panicked. He would throw a tantrum if anyone touched him. But Matthew just got up and followed her into the room. It was like sitting on a powder keg smoking a cigarette.” His acting career took off from there. [12]

Patrick and Matthew became seasoned professionals well before “Little House on the Prairie”. Their mother made it clear, “…if acting was what they wanted to do, it demanded self-discipline and totally professional behavior. And that’s the way it’s worked.”[13]

Patrick’s television career started in 1973 with series “This Is the Life” and a resume including “Starsky and Hutch”, “The Love Boat”, and “Trapper John M.D.” He also co-starred as young Ted Kennedy in “Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy.”[14]

In 1974, Matthew was cast in the John Cassavetes film “A Woman Under the Influence” with Gena Rowlands. [15]

Matthew with Gena Rowlands in “Under the Influence”

He acted in movies (“King of the Gypsies”, “Bravo Two”, “Killing Stone”), and series (“The Bob Newhart Show“, “Mary Hartman Mary Hartman“, and “Lou Grant“). [16] Matthew and the cast of “Papa and Me” received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Entertainment Special. [17]

Joseph Mascolo and Matthew Laborteaux starring in “Papa and Me”.

Matthew and Patrick were both in the “A Circle of Children (1977)” and Matthew was a series regular in “The Red Hand Gang” (a cult hit in the United Kingdom).

Little House on the Prairie Years

Matthew was cast first in two episodes of “Little House on the Prairie” for flashback sequences of a young Charles Ingalls.

Matthew Laborteaux as young Charles Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie, Season 4, Episode 16: “I Remember, I Remember”)

Patrick joined “Little House on the Prairie” in 1977 as Andy Garvey, son of the Ingalls’ next-door neighbors.

Patrick Laborteaux as Andy Garvey (Little House on the Prairie, Season 4, Episode 5: “The Wolves”)

Matthew was adopted again in 1978, this time by the Ingalls family, becoming Albert Quinn Ingalls and an inseparable friend of Andy Garvey.

For “Little House on the Prairie: A New Beginning” Matthew was twice nominated (1982 and 1983) for a Young Artists Award as Best Young Actor in a Drama Series. [18]

Additionally, both brothers qualified as AAU (American Athletic Union) swimmers and swam competitively. [19]

Patrick and Matthew Laborteaux as swimmers.

They were also featured in popular teen magazines: 16 Magazine, Bop, Superteen, Teen Beat, and Tiger Beat.

Matthew and Patrick Laborteaux in 16 Magazine.

The enduring family bonds portrayed in “Little House on the Prairie” were influential in Patrick and Matthew’s personal lives. Matthew observed, “Pat and I grew up respecting our parents. We believe in good manners and respect for each other. It’s not so much in the way we say things. It’s how we feel about one another and how we treat each other that counts.”

About their careers, he said, “I’ve been acting since I was four, so I’m used to being around adults on movie and TV sets. Acting isn’t something I had to learn to like. It’s something I’ve done since I can remember, and I love to do it. So does Pat. We’re actors, and we wouldn’t want to be anything else right now. Our careers keep us busy and have given direction to our lives. We’re close to our parents and very open with them. ‘I’ve tried to do some of the ‘normal’ things kids my age enjoy, like going to a roller rink or just hanging out, and it’s no fun. To me, acting is fun. During vacations and hiatus, I begin to get impatient with all the free time.” [20]

Years later, Patrick was asked if there was a particular person in the entertainment business he looked up to. “Michael Landon was the biggest influence. As a child, I watched him write, direct, star, and produce a TV show every week. He showed me what was possible.” [21]

Patrick and Matthew Laborteaux. Photo courtesy of the NBCUniversal.

Youth Rescue Fund

In 1981, Patrick and Matthew created the Youth Rescue Fund to help runaway youth. [22] Matthew explained, “We want to show our gratitude for the kind of home and parents that Pat and I have. The best way to show how much we care is to try to help others who aren’t lucky enough to have a home and parents like ours.” [23] Peer Councils of teenagers were created to “…assist runaways, homeless or abused teenagers and those with drug or alcohol problems” [24] with a long-term goal of setting up shelters. To raise funds, fan club members were asked to contribute a dollar. [25] Additional funds were raised by selling highway safety kits [26], holding celebrity rodeos [27], and staging dances [28]. They raised nearly $11 million. [29] The National Network of Runaway and Youth Services, Inc. in Washington, D.C., the organization which they supported, carries on their work to this day.

Matthew – After Little House

Matthew and the cast of “Whiz Kid”. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

After Little House, Matthew stepped into the series “Whiz Kids” in which he and his friends solve crimes by hacking into computer systems. Matthew received a 1983 Young Artists Award nomination for Best Young Actor in a New Television Series and described the show as, “On our show, the kids are like Robin Hood. They use the computer to help the law.” [30]

In real life, Matthew was a “video super talent… on Missile Command and Centipede. He placed 10th in open singles at the Atari world championships in Chicago, scoring a best of 48,000 at Centipede under a three-minute time limit.” [31]

Matthew featured in February 1983 issue of BLIP magazine.

Matthew continued doing movies and series, even reuniting with Michael Landon and Victor French in “Highway to Heaven”. He is in demand as a film voice-over artist and has combined his video-game expertise with acting skills by doing voice work for video-games. [32]

Patrick – After Little House

Patrick had stiff competition for roles after “Little House”, eventually appearing with Mark Harmon in “Prince of Bel Air” and “Summer School”, and would work with Mark again in “JAG” and “NCIS”.  He had film roles, numerous series appearances, and voice work. [33]

Besides Andy Garvey in “Little House on the Prairie”, Patrick is best known as U.S. Naval officer Bud Roberts, Jr. in “JAG” (1995-2005).

The weird thing about the show is that everything that happened to Bud happened to me about a year later. Bud got married. A year later, I married the producer of the show, Tina Albanese. We had a baby on the show, and my wife is now pregnant. It’s been wonderful. The show has given me a life and a wife.” [34]

Patrick and Tina were married in 1998 [35], and son Jeau Bennett was born 2001. [36]

Jeau, Patrick, and Tina Labyorteaux.

After “JAG’s” ten-year run Patrick remained busy with films and television series and, in 2012, together with Tina, produced the Netflix series “See Dad Run” with Scott Baio, which ran for three seasons. [37]

Bonus Fortuna In Futurum (Good Luck in the Future)

There is character in their qualities and quality in their characters. Their mother once confided, “It’s funny, Patrick is blue-eyed and has light hair, and Matthew is brown-eyed with dark hair, but people automatically know they are brothers. Melissa Gilbert said to Patrick one day, ‘Don’t you two ever fight?’ They really don’t. They’ve been through too much to bother with pettiness.” [38]

We could all take a lesson from that.

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