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by Website Editors | Jun 21, 2014

About the TV Series

Little House on the Prairie” is one of the most successful dramatic series in television history. This TV legend began with the two-hour pilot movie first broadcast on NBC March 30, 1974 that introduced the Ingalls family to millions of viewers around the world. It was subsequently picked up as a series which premiered September 11, 1974 and ran on NBC for nine seasons until 1983. Altogether, the series is comprised of the pilot, 204 episodes, and three two-hour specials produced in the tenth year.

Ingalls family - stars of the hit Little House on the Prairie TV Show

The show remained a top-rated series and garnered seventeen Emmy® and three Golden Globe® nominations along with two People’s Choice® Awards. It even won two Western Heritage Awards.

“Little House on the Prairie” was produced by NBC in association with producer Ed Friendly. The television series starred Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls (Pa), Karen Grassle as Caroline Ingalls (Ma), Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls, Melissa Sue Anderson as Mary Ingalls, Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls, Alison Arngrim as Nellie Oleson, Richard Bull as Nels Oleson, Katherine “Scottie” MacGregor as Harriet Oleson, and Charlotte Stewart as Miss Beadle. The pilot was written by Blanche Hanalis and Jack Hanrahan and directed by Michael Landon. The television series was directed by Michael Landon, William F. Claxton, Maury Dexter, Victor French, and Leo Penn.

“Little House on the Prairie” has remained on television for 50 years. The series is also currently broadcast in 46 countries worldwide.

The Remastered Edition

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary in 2014, NBCUniversal restored and re-mastered the pilot and all nine seasons. The series is now available for the first time ever in high definition on Blu-ray and on Digital HD.

The Complete Series Gift Set became available in 2015 and includes all nine fully-restored and remastered seasons and eight hours of bonus material. 

Check out the trailer here and watch your favorite episodes by clicking on the links below. 

Episode Guides

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  1. I am trying to find the name of the lady with the beautiful voice who sang on the closing scene for Season 3 episode 1 staring Johnny Cash (The collection).
    Can anybody help please

    • According to the IMDb website, it was June Carter Cash who sang it. She was uncredited as the singer

  2. I have watched this show as long as I can remember and read the books I wish I could get more of the books to read … This is my favorite show that come’s on everyday I can watch them over and over and never get tired of reading them …

    • Hi!! I’ve been looking up the songs name played on little house on the prairies Season 4 episode 16 I Remember I Remember @ the dance when young Caroline is waiting for Charles.
      I thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you with any information you can provide..
      I just watched it and the song sounds VERY familiar from my childhood.
      Have a god day
      Much thanks ????????
      Leanne B.
      Quincy, Massachusetts

    • Amen to that

  3. I had never really cared for Little House on the Prairie, until a few weeks ago when I started watching the reruns on Cozi. And now? I find myself pining for the beautiful simplicity of life in Walnut Grove. I’m in my forties, and I’m going to be reading the Little House books for the first time sometime soon. Am looking forward to it. Great website!! Thanks for creating it 🙂

  4. I got Grace Edwards on the quiz.

  5. I got Grace Edwards in the quiz!

  6. I got Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  7. I’ve been a fan of this program since it first started, when we lived in Florida they used to play repeats of this show and the Waltons all through the year, I would watch them over and over again. When my mum was alive she loved to watch Little House on the Prairie but it would always make her cry. I just wish they would play repeats of both shows in England instead of some of the rubbish the play now.

  8. This may sound strange, but when my daddy died I was very numb and unable to cry. Being a single father, we had a close relationship. Even as adults he was my best friend, and his sudden death was very hard on me. Some in my situation may opt for therapy, but I watched Little House on the prairie. This show helped me to grieve. Being able to cry for the characters turned into crying for my own loss. It was a purging of emotions that was deeply needed at a time when I was too lost to know how to grieve for my loss. I believe God provides us what we need, when we need it & I’m truly grateful. I’ll never be able to thank Laura for the great healing her story gave me, but I wanted to share my story w/people who have the same kind of love for the Little House on the prairie as I do.

    • Hi. I can’t believe I saw this. Little house was my fave show growing up I wore a bonnet and was in a bicentennial parade wearing the whole costume in 1978
      I haven’t watched it in years
      But I have been the last 4 weeks as my dad was dying
      I watch it only nothing else I haven’t cryed either for dad it’s strange
      When I saw your message I couldn’t believe it, I feel exactly like you. I’m watching now the Christmas episode blizzard and crying
      You know this is a sign god bless you and your family I feel for you and understand our daddys are having a blast in heaven and out of pain!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

  9. The best family show ever made. I’ve read every book in the series. I love it because of the hard work they did and the love they had for each other. If more families were like that these days the world just might be a little bit better place to live in. ????

    • Totally agree with you Thomas, if only as you said the world would be a better place.

  10. The best family show ever made


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