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by | Oct 26, 2016

“Remember me with smiles and laughter,
For that’s the way I’ll remember you all.
If you can only remember me with tears,
Then don’t remember me at all.”

—Written by Michael Landon for Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8, Remember Me

About Michael Landon - Director and actor in the Little House on the Prairie TV series.

Michael Landon’s Early Years

Michael Landon was born on October 31, 1936, as Eugene Maurice Orowitz. Like the original Charles Ingalls, he would later portray on television; he was born in New York. He lived in New York for a time until his family moved to New Jersey. He was described as a bit of a loner as a child but in high school he found a place for himself with sports and academics.

After his college athletics career ended due to injury, he started working several part-time jobs to make ends meet. His acting career began almost by accident when he helped a friend in an acting audition and ended up securing a place in the acting school. Within a few months of attending acting school, he landed a starring role in the TV show “Telephone Time.” He felt the name Eugene Maurice Orowitz did not quite fit him as an aspiring actor and decided to change it to Michael Landon.[1

Michael Landon in I Was a Teenage Werewolf

Michael Landon’s Early Acting Career

Michael Landon’s career took off through the ’50s and ’60s with roles in shows like Playhouse 90, Crossroads, and Telephone Time. In 1957 he starred as a troubled teenager in the horror film I Was a Teenage Werewolf. The movie became a cult hit and catapulted his career.

His next major successful role as Tom Dooley in the western The Legend of Tom Dooley led producer David Dortort to seek him out for what would eventually be the role of Little Joe in Bonanza.

Michael Landon as Little Joe in Bonanza - About Michael Landon on Little House on the Prairie

Michael Landon as Little Joe in Bonanza. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Media Creative Commons

The role as Little Joe in Bonanza kept him busy from 1959 to 1973. He quickly became the heart of the show and a household name. The show hit #1 in the Nielsen Ratings in 1964 and stayed there for two more years. [2]

He spent ten years on the set of Bonanza, and throughout that time Michael Landon realized that he was interested in directing and writing episodes of his own. This was a pivotal moment and the start of his directing career. He directed his first episode in 1962. [3]

Little House on the Prairie

In the early 1970s, producer Ed Friendly, who had acquired the rights to the Little House books and developed a screenplay with writer Blanche Hanalis, approached Michael Landon about directing the pilot of “Little House on the Prairie”. Michael read the script and loved the story so much that he asked not only to come on board as the director but also to play the role of Charles Ingalls. This became the second-longest running series Michael Landon was involved in.

Michael Landon loved the script for Little House on the Prairie's pilot movie and asked to play Charles Ingalls.

The audition process began with readings for executives of NBC and Ed Friendly Productions. After narrowing down the candidates, they read for Michael Landon to determine who would ultimately get the opportunity to screen test.

Melissa Gilbert was one of many girls who auditioned for the role of Laura Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie”. But as you can see in Melissa Gilbert’s screen test above, and according to Michael Landon, there was not a more perfect girl for the role. He knew instantly that she was “the one.”

“Shortly before Michael died, I saw him at Leslie’s wedding and he told me when it came time to show all the screen tests to the network executives, he only showed them mine.” 

—Melissa Gilbert [4]

Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert at a cast party for Little House on the Prairie

Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert at a cast party for “Little House on the Prairie”.

Much of the success of the series can be attributed to the relaxed, confident atmosphere on set. Michael made sure that people on the set understood that they were involved in something good, something wholesome. He had a distinct vision of how the show should resonate with its viewers and his personal and heartfelt portrayal of ‘Pa’ Charles Ingalls inspired a generation.

“I read for him in a room at Paramount Studios. I remember thinking, “Oh gosh, he’s really handsome.” He gave off a different kind of energy than ordinary people. It was a higher wattage. I’d been around stars and thought nothing of it, but Michael was different, and that difference was tangible without him having to say or do anything. It was a power, a mix of charisma and confidence that affected other people.”

—Melissa Gilbert [4

About Michael Landon - his life and his work with Little House on the Prairie

Michael had a somber childhood and a troubled family growing up. He wanted “Little House on the Prairie” to portray his idea of beautiful family life, which he and Karen Grassle provided for many fans. He worked well with the children on the show, helping them overcome any acting difficulties they had. Melissa Gilbert was quoted explaining how Michael Landon would look at her and say “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” to prepare her for an emotional scene. [5]

Michael Landon in “Little House on the Prairie” Season 1 Episode 14

The sense of family on the set was very real, particularly because he worked with five sets of real-life siblings who appeared on the show: Melissa and Jonathan Gilbert (Laura Ingalls and Willie Oleson), Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls), Matthew and Patrick Labyorteaux (Albert Quinn Ingalls and Andy Garvey), Brenda and Wendi Turnbaugh (Grace Ingalls), and Jennifer and Michele Steffin (Rose Wilder).

“Something that came back to me recently was how much Michael Landon used to tease me on the set of Little House about Miss Beadle being totally oblivious to the safety of her schoolchildren. In an episode called “Little Girl Lost” Carrie falls down an old mine shaft and Mike chalked it up to Miss Beadle – she’d sent the kids on an insect hunt as a school assignment. Then there was the episode called “Blizzard” with the big snowstorm. We started filming at Paramount and Mike looked over at me and said, “Well, Miss Beadle kills the kids again.” 

—Charlotte Stewart [6]

Michael worked in many capacities on “Little House on the Prairie”, as executive producer, producer, writer, director, and actor. “Little House on the Prairie” became one of the most popular dramas in television history and garnered nominations and awards from the Emmys, Golden Globe Awards, and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center.

“Michael was very much a fan of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, and if something worked well enough in the first take, don’t bother tinkering with perfection — just say “print” and move on.” 

Alison Angrim [7]

Remember Me With Smiles

Michael knew that the fundamental values that the show represented to people would resonate for a long period of time. He knew that people would be watching “Little House on the Prairie” long after so many other contemporary programs had been forgotten. Although the series ended in 1983, there is still a hunger for good family programming, and the series has continued to be broadcast throughout the world ever since. The series is also available in the digitally-remastered DVD set, Blu-Ray, and digital streaming versions.

Michael Landon will always be remembered for his wonderful acting as Charles Ingalls, as well as his part in bringing Little House on the Prairie television series to the world.

After the series ended, Michael Landon put his focus into a new series, which was different from the western shows that had occupied much of his career. In 1984, Highway To Heaven aired with his friend and collaborator, Victor French. The show follows a probationary angel sent back to Earth who teams with an ex-cop to help people.

Michael Landon Highway to Heaven

Michael Landon in Highway to Heaven.

The series ran for five seasons on NBC from 1984 to 1989 for a total of 111 episodes and was shot entirely in California. This was the final TV series starring Michael Landon.

Michael Landon in Highway to Heaven Season 4 Episode 17

When it was announced on April 8, 1991, that Michael Landon was suffering from pancreatic cancer at the young age of 54, fans were undoubtedly in shock and devastated. In his press conference announcing his cancer, Michael took the stand of his life. He told LIFE magazine  “If I’m gonna die, death’s gonna have to do a lot of fighting to get me,” just three weeks after his diagnosis. [8]

“He was a huge television star with huge insecurities, and underneath it all, a huge heart. Mike Landon, the regular guy, was great.”

Melissa Sue Anderson [9]

He fought a hard fight, retreating to his ranch to follow a strict diet, undergo chemotherapy, and even an experimental procedure. His business partner Kent McCray described Michael in his last days as very bright and upbeat, telling jokes and very lucid. But his condition deteriorated quickly and he passed on Monday, July 1, 1991.

Michael Landon, 1990

As families continue to hunger for television shows that are built on strong family values and good principals, Michael Landon’s legacy will live on in the hearts of his family, his coworkers, and his fans. He was very striking and charming. He had a mixture of being the rugged man’s man while being very vulnerable and open at the same time. There were a certain virtue and righteousness in the characters that he depicted that made the viewers yearn for a father or husband like him.

What do you remember about Michael Landon?

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  1. Manimara Muniyandi

    Thank you to Mr Michael London for his beautiful direction of Little House, we in Malaysia love so much the TV drama.

  2. Alf

    Michael was a great guy. I must admit that I totally underestimated him. Having rewatched Little House on the Prairie as an adult, I realised that Little House on the Prairie displayed excellent drama and stories, depicting the good and real character of the United States and great ethical and moral motives which are very interesting to watch. Very encouraging stories about the relations within family and community.
    Thank you Michael Landon , for this excellent TV series and its impact on society.

  3. Barbara Ward

    I’m still watching House on the prairie every night, it’s the way life should be, as Michael said, and I grew up with 8- siblings in the country side on a farm in Maine, so I can relate to the one room school, and economy of the times. We had a dirt road till the 1990s, and my neighbor drove the to the store on Thompson Corner in a horse and wagon which we would jump in and go with him. We walked to the store to meet the bookmobile in the summer, ate ice cream on the big wide flowing front steps of the store(orange pineapple), and shopped for Christmas presents there also. We all had outhouses, and wood fires, so with a one room school, small town life I can so relate to all these episodes, and watch them over and over. Thank-you

  4. Elaine Alford

    I absolutely love “Little House On The Prairie” & I also still to this day watch the reruns over & over, can’t get enough of it! Michael Landon was & will always be my all time favorite man on television & with no doubt a man of God because nobody could ever fake that love he had for God as so with family. I love you Michael Landon & God Bless your family ????

  5. Cynthia’s Schicht

    There will never be or has there been since a
    God breathed show like Little House.
    I’m 66 and still love to watch . I have seen every episode more than once. Takes me back to when times were much simpler and morals were of importance.
    My granddaughter even has been watching them . And I also got her the books.
    The Ingalls family sets a good example for what a family should look like even through the struggles they worked together to get through them. I love the sprinkling of humor and the issues of the heart, and Godly principles which I’m sure Michael Landon had a lot to do with. Genius.
    My favorite show of all time.

  6. Nojah

    Still love the show. Charles Ingalls is the husband and father I admire. I remember him telling that male teacher, “thank my wife for telling me to be nice” when he would have clobbered Teacher for unjustly beating Laurie. Miss his type of portrayals

  7. Marilyn Krug

    I just love Little House On The Prairie . It warms my heart watching the love that held the family together thru it all. A great all time family show. Michael was a fantastic actor & producer, one of the best. It was sad that the Lord took him at really such a young age (54). I believe he is enjoying the beauty of heaven & I hope to see him there one day. God had to have been a priority in his life as it showed in his life & and work. God blessed him well during his time on earth.

  8. Kendis

    Absolutely loved growing up watching Little House and still continue to watch today. It’s a warm loving heartfelt series chock-full of good values ????????????

  9. Terry

    He left us too soon. Little House left too soon. We desperately need more shows like Little House. I watch reruns almost every day.

  10. Elaine Majka

    I so enjoy the simple times of the past which was a more wholesome time. Little House on the Prairie brought those times forth with so many relevant lessons for life with a faith based storyline. For me Michael Landon stories epitomized what an engaged and loving husband/father could possibly be but because life was at a slower pace seems in comparison to today’s lifestyle and wants a more difficult practice for families.

    I also enjoy Highway to Heaven because the content is wholesome.

    Both series leaves one feeling good.

    Thank you Micheal Landon and all who were a part of each series.

  11. Lorrie

    I watched all of his shows. I watched Little House with my grandmother, mother, my children and now my grandchildren. Five generations and still the greatest show in our house. We have all the books also. Different sets for different ages. That was a great a is still a great show of family love, sacrifice and God teaching show.

  12. Inah

    I started watching at age 7 in 1973/74. As some of the shows aired I was going thru exactly the same things as the character. I learned a lot and was able to get through my growing pains with love and compassion.. I stopped watching for a few years, just as I lost a child little house came back into my life in a hospital bed. May we make them proud.. When Mary broke down for the loss of Adam Jr. I broke down for the loss of my daughter.. I haven’t missed a eposode since and its going on 30 years

  13. Elianalhotplover

    Happy Birthday Michael Landon!!!! Also, Happy Halloween to everyone!

  14. Karen Celis

    Saturday morning I picked up my Little House in the Prairie book to read a little more to the grandkids but first opened FB while waiting for them & saw this. A difference in families…yes! All these years later because of the kindness to others he showed in helping others & going out of his way. Teaching my grandkids of how even when his family may have had only “enough” he still shared what they had knowing God would provide I feel I can truly give them a gift for life to use. They listen with pure excitement at age 7 & 9, girl & a boy, waiting to see what the Ingall’s will experience next!

  15. Angela

    I loved every minute of it. I too had a hard childhood. This brought me peace. I always wished I could be in this tv family. ????….I kept searching for a Man like Charles.

  16. Geeta

    I was very happy after watching little house today from denmark how he built an alter to God and God appears to him his strong faith. Am very blessed and feel good. God blessed all his family

  17. True F.

    Love the show Little House and see a lot of the Word of God portrayed throughout. What a blessing! I still watch it because it is still relevant and it has no profanity, lewdness, or hard-core violence. It made me want to act. (I have acted in church and can be kinda good!)

    I want to act but I am too old tho, otherwise I would try to audition for a part in a show like this!

    • Cheryl

      I watched all his movies. In little house where he adopted Albert.

      • patricia smith

        what a brilliant actor! very handsome too! i still watch little house on the prairie.tv not like it use to be!

  18. Donna Staso

    I too have loved Michael all my life. There will never be another one as talented as he was. I often think that if he hadn’t died so young..he could have created many more programs for us to enjoy..

  19. Linda Miller

    I am nearly 75 years old and still love to watch Little House on the Prairie. I have always felt everybody in the world should watch Little House on the Prairie because of the morals and values that are taught in each episode. I rarely could get through a episode without shedding tears. Michael Langdon was an affectionate, good and loving man; not to mention very handsome as well. I always felt that he would make the ideal husband and he has was at the top of my list as far as what qualities to look for in a good man. I often think of his family and how they must miss him. I can only imagine as I miss him too very much! I was devastated by his death but I believe he is in Heaven and I cannot wait to meet him there someday. Little House has been a true blessing in my life and continues to touch my heart today! I cannot begin to count how many times I have seen each episode. I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard to bring Little House on the Prairie into my life! God bless you all????

  20. Mary Lee

    I love watching little house on the prairie one day i want to go visit. I watch it every time it comes on

  21. Janie G Acosta

    I love llhotp I am 66 and I still see the show right now they are having rerun and I get up early in the morning make my coffee and sit down and watch about 3 show of lhotp before I start breakfast.
    Who wouldn’t want to have a pa like him or a ma like Carolyn.

    • Lucy Ortega

      Lucy Ortega May 8, 2020. I love LHOTP! I always have! Matter of fact, I am watching it right now! I love Michael Landon. Loved seen him in bonanza and HTH! It broke my heart when he died!

  22. Shay

    I’ve seen about everything that started Michael Landon.. I loved Bonanza, but LHOtP was my favorite. I had a crush on him during Bonanza, and wished I was his wife on Little house. I still record both shows. He really was part of my life. May he RIP.

  23. Audrey Arnold

    I’ve been watching the lhotp sense I was a teenager. I’m now 60 yrs old. My children grew up watching it also. My youngest daughter, when she was 3 I think used to love the show she used to say {I wanna watch ittle Ouse on da Parie ). I wish there were more shows like this. The closest I’ve come to watch something exceptional is Heartland. I’m sure many would agree..

  24. Ramona

    My husband and I are in our late 70’s. We enjoy the light hearted and sometime emotional episodes that depict life as it must have been so many years ago. The world lost a very special and handsome and talented man when Michael passed away. The kindness and compassion he portrayed is admirable and should be an example for the public of today.

  25. ANA



  26. Gimena

    Es la serie de mi vida! No puedo dejar de verla! Y cada vez que la veo me da una enseñanza nueva !! Michael esta en mi corazón y en mi vida siempre!!
    It is the series of my life! I can’t stop seeing her! And every time I see her, she gives me a new teaching! Michael is in my heart and in my life always

  27. Tamela Burke

    I also have to add Michael Landon & his shows brought on Motivation for a lot of viewers , after & while watching LHOTP & HTH, we also learned a lot from watching his television shows. Michael Landon had a way with words showing how negativity can become positive as we have struggles through life. God Bless You All.

    • Libby

      Michael Landon will be missed always! He was a wonderful actor & Very Handsome

  28. Tamela Burke

    First of all, I want to say Happy Birthday to My all-time since I was a little girl Favorite Actor MichaeI Landon. On LHOTP & HTH he done Great , I remember his laugh , oh how I love his laugh, his way with Encouraging words, his love for others . No one else could have produced , directed, wrote & starred in TV better than Michael Landon. He was a very handsome man, the kind of man any woman would want for a husband or just a beyond best friend , he seemed to be someone who would always give you his shoulder to lean & cry on. I love LHOTP, that is my favorite show since I started watching it with my parents & my siblings when I was a little girl. The entire cast done a Excellent Outstanding Job Performance . and they (especially Michael Landon ) will be remembered forever in our hearts & we will watch LHOTP the rest of our lives. Thank you for sending me this about my favorite actor and favorite television show. His [Mike Landon] legacy continues forever

  29. Heather

    I have been watching Little House since I was a girl, and I am 45 now. It is my absolute favorite show TV ever, and I cannot get tired of it. I watch my DVD collections consistently, usually at least 1 episode daily, or even keep it going while I am cleaning the house or something like that! I love this show, I have seen each episode probably 100 times each, knowing the episodes just by the opening scenes. The characters feel like family, and it just makes me feel good inside. I wish life was still the way it was portrayed back then, maybe that is why I like it so much – to escape to the simple times.

  30. Christy Drake

    It was one of the best parts of my childhood the books and the weekly we never missed an episode

  31. Patricia Cridland

    I like all of your emails loved Little House on the Prarie
    It was and continues to be a Heartwarming story about a family who worked together during tough times and the love they had for each other made the show real.

    I heard that where they produced the show is no longer in existence

    What happened to the set and the place where they filmed

    • Nancy

      I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that when they blew up the town at the end of the series, they really did. I read that it was expensive to tear it all down, etc. I think that is right. HTH

  32. Susan Bondi

    I wish there were tv shows on like that now everything is horrible!

    • Donna

      I totally agree with you! I loved Little House!

      • Amycornelius

        I see you wrote this on his b-day!!

      • Janelle

        Having a very broken family in my childhood I will be eternally grateful to this amazing cast, crew, and producers! Not sure where I would be today without Little House on the Prairie. I will never stop watching this cherished series that has had the largest impact on my life. ❤️

  33. Kelly

    I began watching LHOTP when I was a young girl and still watch it today. I am 53 and have watched every episode at least a dozen times. I watch them in order from beginning to end then start over again. I still cry at certain episodes. My husband even watches the show with me. I had a the book series as a child and I wish I still had it.

    • Libby

      I’m 53 and still watch episodes of LHOTP … UP Channel

    • ermannof

      Good for you sister it’s TV for the soul it rejuvenates one’s spirit and filters out all the garbage around us I just started up the series again and I’ve been binge watching and I’m 57 and I still cry and a lot of the episodes I only trust a man that can cry keep rockin girl

  34. Melanie Witmer

    Michael played in a movie called Love Is Forever with Jane Seymore. It was a movie that I saw on TV years ago and I searched recently and found it on DVD. I loved it so much then I had to find it.He is amazing in it. I have never heard of him playing in this movie . But look into it.

  35. Gail troutman

    I started watching Little House on the prairie from the beginning and I still watch it to this day. The cast was put together as if it was a real family, not one person made the show it was the town and school and the church. I even have the whole set of the books.

  36. Luann jones

    My husband and I watch LHOTP
    everyday for two episodes.
    We know all the shows by heart .
    What a wonderful show it is.
    It was so nice watching the very
    first episode last week.
    Season one episode one ran in order
    a few days last week.
    Is there an address that I would
    be able to write to the cast and they
    Would get my letters of appreciation?
    We will keep on enjoying the show ,
    And thank you for this email that is sent to me each month .

    • Jen Shinn

      We’re sorry we don’t have direct access to the cast. But, we do appreciate you being a fan!

  37. Evelyn Fear

    I was “hooked” on Little House from the first episode, and looked forward to it coming on each week; I never wanted to miss a one–not sure whether I actually did, or not. But, eventually, I got the VHS tapes and then after that the entire series on DVDS. Funny that I had never read the books as a child, nor had my Mother, so after the series came on TV, she bought the books, and read them, and I borrowed them so many times, that I was ashamed of myself for asking to borrow them again, so I bought my own set. A year ago at Christmastime, I bought one of my Granddaughters–Beth, a set of them because she was becoming enthralled with them from reading them at school. I had by that time worn my old set pretty much out, so treated myself to a new set as well’
    I learned to bake bread to be like Caroline Ingalls and began a passion for kerosene lamps and candles and such that light up your world in a LHOTP-like way. I made and bought calico sun bonnets which I now use as part of my décor–one on top the dash of my butter churn, two on tails of windmill décor on my walls–one in the foyer and one in my bedroom, and another from the corner of a picture in my Daughter Erin’s room. I am expecting my “farmhouse style” of decorating in general may have had its first spark with watching the Ingalls family and reading about them.
    Though Michael Landon truly was MUCH better looking than the real Charles Ingalls from the pictures I’ve seen, I think he epitomized the PERFECT loving Husband and Father in his portrayal of him; I don’t think that ANYONE could have done it any better than he did. The casting of the entire family and the townspeople just “worked” PERFECTLY. One of the BEST shows that was EVER on TV.

  38. Cheryl

    I am SO excited to find your amazing site! I cannot begin to say what Little House on the Prairie has meant to me through the years. My family and I are renting the dvds from the library and watching them together. We long for the way things were during Laura Ingalls Wilder’s childhood. It is just such a blessing to be able to be propelled back to that simple time through the show. God bless you for all you do here. Such a joy to visit with you!

  39. Diane Arcangel

    I am 68 and watch LHOTP i love the values it teaches. The Ingalls Family had a interesting life.

  40. Masoud

    God bless Micheal Landon. HIS PLACE IS IN HEAVEN.

  41. Racheal

    I still watch Little House on the prairie everyday, everytime I watch it I always wish I could be there right now, I know that things weren’t that easy, but at least Family stuck together….

  42. Sandie DeVries

    Wish I could see the movies

  43. Connie Lee

    What I remember of Michael Landon was his honesty and values that he always exuded in all the characters he played. And of course that squealing, infectious laugh he always had.

  44. Erika

    I love LHOTP . Laura is my favourite character Same with Charles & Caroline . I know my children will grow up watching this show . So many values .

  45. Ria

    Ik wil nog wel meer afleveringen van high way to heaven
    Alzo de kerst afleveringen (I still want more episodes of highway to heaven
    So the Christmas episodes)

  46. Deborah Adams

    I love Michael Landon and love his shows I miss him

  47. Elisabeth Anderson

    I really enjoyed Little House. I wrote to Ms. MacGregor, and was delighted she answered. Also loved Michael Landon in Bonanza. Victor French resembled my late husband. When I see Mr. French, my husband feels alive to me, in a way.

  48. Maria Tanti

    I loved watching ‘ Little House On The Prairie ‘ It was my favourite TV series and it will always be.

    • Paula Mills

      Same here Maria TantI used to watch it with my mum dad sister and brother in the 70s at 5pm and my mum often missed a few mins of it as she finished putting our dinner out and I have been watching it for months again now at 11am and 12pm I hate missing it for anything lol I’m 54 now

      • James

        J.Green! I have been reading everyone comment about little house! And i had to put my two cents in while adding that i am almost 65 and i still watch the show every week day at 5! But sometimes i find tears in my eyes from sad to the glad moments in show! A real character builder!!!

  49. sue ingalls wilder

    My children loved watching LHOP and today my grand children are watching daily. My family on my Great Grandmother side is related to the Ingalls family, so yes we were watching our family.

    • Penny Boulton

      WOW That’s really cool

      • Linda Gore

        I, too, am related to Laura through my paternal grandmother. Laura and I are both descendants of Edmund Rice who was born in England in 1594.

  50. patrice

    I remember reading my first Little House on the Prairie book when I was about 10 years old. When I grew up and the books became a tv series I was thrilled. I bought every VCR tape and still have them. Laura Ingalls inspired me to call my youngest daughter Laura when she was born. I have now bought my grand daughter her first Little House on the Prairie book. I’m sure a whole new generation in my family will be inspired by the values in these books just as I was over 55 years ago.

    • Christine Grochmal

      I watched Little House on the Prairie when it first aired and rarely missed an episode. We are now watching the series again in reruns and I find something about the series that I missed the first time.

  51. Cheryl

    But Michael Landon left the show before it ended. I was hoping this would explain the reasons why.

  52. Tami Lowe

    If our country could return to the value that Little House portrayed, what a wonderful world it would be! I still watch Little House and will for as long as I can.

    • Sheila snaith

      I still watch little house on the prairie over and over again I have the series and yes I’m would be a wonderful world to live in if we could return to the value that little house potrayted makes me think of how it was when I was growing up with a loving and caring family that worked hard, had very little and appreciated everything and everyone the word Love explains it all .

  53. Nadine

    I still remember him doing all my favorite movies I will forever miss him
    rest in peace Michael Landon

  54. Tashi Seath

    I grew up watching all his shows it is like i. Oost my best friend or even more one of my family mimbers my whole family feels the lose it brings me to teers to think he had a child hood like me to day i miss him even more although i am jewish and not a Christian it was nice to see a good program that was clean and a loveing show my faith in one god is strog and i loved his shows even to this day he is still loved to this day may his mimory be for a blessing as he blesed so meney people here in everyday life

  55. Karen Morris

    In these modern times, the TV programming is to put it mildly, lacking. They lack Spirit, family, wholesomeness. I find myself returning over and over again to Michael Landon’s programs, they are timeless and have meaning that just isn’t there in the modern programs. Way too much filth in today’s shows.

  56. Eleanor Flower

    I love Little House! Watch it over and over!

  57. Danielle BOLE

    In “Bonanza” Little Joe was my sister’s favourite… I was fond of him too, but in “La petite maison dans la prairie” we French people discovered and loved Michael Landon. I am absolutely certain that he was sent to our century to teach us love and understanding. The fact that after Charles Ingalls he chose the part of an angel proves it. Thank you , Michael. Even your first name shows that you were blessed.

  58. Melody

    I watched little house reruns throughout my childhood in the 80s. I loved it then and will still watch it on Hallmark channel now in the mornings. I had no idea Laura and willie were related in real life, or Andy Garvey and Albert. What! I find that so interesting. I’ll have to pay closer attention now when I see them together. Thanks for the article. Such a wonderful show.

  59. Jackie Stokley

    Michael Landon what a fantastic actor. When he cried I cried too… every show or film he was in fantastic. I still watch Little House on the Prairie today. I even named my son Michael after him. RIP sadly missed but never forgotten.


    REST IN PEACE MR. PA INGALLS. I’ve watched all the Little House shows and continue to watch them ever day at 3:00 in the afternoon. Even if it’s a repeat I will watch it. It’s what families should be like today. The values, the moral standards and the respect shown. YOU DONE GOOD PA. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO LOOK DOWN ON YOUR LOVED ONES AND KEEP THEM UNDER HIS COVERING TILL THEY GO TO MEET YOU AGAIN. Real family and characters of the program and those of us who became the family watching you. TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN YOUR BIRTHDAY. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN. ❤️????✝️?

  61. Norma Rosales

    One of a kind and finest actors, great director, we need more people like him, died too young!

  62. Nancy

    Love little house on the prairie !

  63. Bertha

    I love little house on the prairie I can see it over and over again.

  64. Sonia Molloy

    Wow I remember Michael Landon in Little House on the Prairie Series! He was a lovely father and a very Handsome man!!! I loved watching his programmes I could have sat all day just watching them!! Wow they were the days! Would love to be able to get my hands on the series again and watch them on DVD wow this would be like a dream come true xxxx

  65. David Allen

    I have followed eugenes career for many years and i dont know of one i havnt liked, he was a great actor/ producer, a legend in his time..i still watch his shows every time i get a chance, he is sadly missed and a void in many peoples lives.

  66. Janet

    Our family watched “Little House on the Prarie” every week. You see my mother’s side is Ingalls and we felt like we were watching our family. Michael Landon was truly amazing and we appreciated his family friendly shows. His legacy of doing quality family tv and his handsome smile and love for life will forever live on. Thank you Michael for this and more.

  67. Diane

    I grew up watching Michael. From Bonanza to Little House. And Highway to Heaven. He was infectious when he smiled you smiled. When he cried you would definitely cried. Wonderful actor! Beautiful humanitarian. We need more shows like these.

  68. Behnam

    31 moon is historical for all people in world love you,dear micheal london we never forgeat you
    And thank to other actor little house

  69. Georgie

    When I was a teenager I went to see Michael Landon’s actual home where he lived and the school he attended in Collingswood New Jersey. I enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie series and have many fond memories from the show and also the books.


    I so miss Michael Landon’s heartfelt stories and thought provoking ideas. I really love LHOTPand Highway to Heaven and Bonanza. In times like these we need His with and genius and most of all His heart?. Hallmark and Little House on the prairie are truly just about all that’s left in a world gone wrong ?Happy Birthday Michael in Heaven. You are sorely missed ???


      Imeant to say with not with and LHOTP and Hallmark seem to be the only good things left today on social media is what I meant. ?

  71. Jeretta Bliss

    I loved Micheal Landon, I watched Teenaged Wolf, and All of Little House on the Praire, and still do. I watched every episode of
    Highway to Heaven, and still do when it is on. I think he was a great person, and a great Actor. He was a very handsome man, and
    loveable person. Although, I never meant him, I feel like I knew him anyway. Too bad he had to die so young and leave his beautiful wife, and children. My heart goes out to them. May god be with them. Jeretta Bliss, Cornville, Az.

  72. Kathi Kok

    Anything he was involved in was a class act. I watched all of it. It has been so long seeing him on TV . The 2 things I remember about him . His laugh was infectious. His smile was divine. Missed very much…

  73. Christine Denno

    No mention of “Father Murphy”, a wonderful family friendly show produced/directed by Michael Landon. Unfortunately, it only lasted 1 2/3 seasons.

  74. Esther H Anderson

    Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls was more than a character for me he was my Pa. I grew up loving this man as if he was my father, and when I die his name will be on my obituary as my “father figure”. What I remember most about him is his love for his family, the sacrifices he made to may sure they were taken care. I miss him so much. I always light a candle on his birthday, if ever a man, a human deserves to go to heaven it is indeed my Pa.

    • Jessie heuer

      So sweet. I feel the same

  75. Irene

    I have watched little house on the prairie since I was a little girl I’m now 55, I have the complete DVD box set, I get up every morning to watch little house on the prairie before work and don’t leave until it’s finished. I have done for 15 plus years. I love ❤️ Micheal Landon and I love little house on the prairie when I watch it I’m in that life with Micheal looking after me he was such a brilliant actor and I’m sure in life was was the same type of person so lovely and extremely handsome. My daughter is addicted to it now, I have to mention all the other characters were brilliant too I have so many laughs still watching it. I sent a part of an episode to my sister , who is having trouble with one of her two boys , and a similar situation to one of the episodes,it made her and her husband laugh so much (royal being strangled by his son), anyway thanks to Micheal for this wonderful programme I will continue to watch everyday it makes me happy inside ❤️❤️??

  76. Vicki Ritmanich

    Of course I loved Micheal Landon very inspirational!!! I still remember a quote from Victor French “The Stars Are The Windows To Heavens Floors”! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  77. Roger Hancock

    I loved his character as Joe Cartwright. He didn’t take crap from anyone and was “scrappy”

  78. Denise sargent

    I loved little house as a regular how for me. I loved Michael Landon like he was part of my family. I will never forget him. I had his one set of four books but they got ruined when water leaked from roof into my closet..

  79. Nadine Bochantin

    I remember the times that my mother told me that your where at the rodeo in Chicago since she was a little girl & when she first told me that she met you & her ma still have that old picture of you and my mom.

    I will always be watching your own television series forever no matter where you go but you will always be in my and my family’s hearts forever

    Rest in peace Eugene Maurice Orowitz
    [Michael Landon].

  80. Reggie

    Times are chgniang for the better if I can get this online!

  81. Rita Mifsud

    When I was young, I use to see Little House on the Prairie on TV, with my family. It was very nice, very realistic. All the values that the family had between them, teaches other families who see it. I wish that Little House on the Prairie will be shown on TV again.
    Thankyou very much.

    Wishing Michael Landon a Happy Birthday, may you rest in peace.

  82. Deborah savage

    This was a wonderful tribute to Michael Landon wish I knew has a person.but he was everybody’s TV dad and I loved growing up with him and his little house family. As my girls watched little house and loved it as much as I do give me girls good family values. Amen to that I thank u Michael Landon for all you have given me and my daughter’s thank you for giving us love and hope and God hugs and friends and laughter kindness and forgiveness. We will always love you and miss you.

  83. lana

    i like little house on the prairie it must come back on tv

  84. Jessie Rodriguez

    I watch ‘Little House’ as much as I find it on tv. I have seen many of the same episodes more than twice.. There are some favorite ones I will watch. Landon was a good actor, even Highwat to Heaven was a repeated one to watch more than once. I didn’t mind seeing reruns. Happy Birthday Michael may you rest in peace.

  85. Lorraine Deremer

    I have watch Little House on the Prairie from the very beginning.. Great family show wish there were more like that today.. Michael Landon was a wonderful and caring actor that know will every for get.. Still watch his show today.. He made you feel that his family’s on the show was really his family, his love for acting and for the part he plays was real.. We loss a wonderful actor way to soon.. God Bless you and thanks for the wonderful memories.. Some thing no one can take away..

  86. Geraldine Ekhator

    I just wanted to share with you that we loved this show while growing up. We loved some other shows too; but were sad when this show and Highway to Heaven stopped showing. We loved Bonanza as well. We watch the reruns when we can. The ones I didn’t watch until this year 2016 was of the fire when Mrs. Alice McGarvey died with Mary’s little baby boy. You know Micheal called or someone of his company called my dad in 1977 to do get permission to do a movie about our family because we lost five boys in a housefire December 14th, 1976. I heard the phone conversation. Dad said do what you want about a fire; but we are not interested in having a film about what we went through. So then after that the fire segments happened and dad wouldn’t let us watch because it was too emotional. I had a hard time watching them this year and it will be soon forty years since my brothers passed. I sometimes think if we did a movie about what we went through then things might have turned out different; but am glad for what I have lived through.

  87. Helen dalmain

    Wonderful show great people michael landon such a lovely man gone to early thankuou for such great memories.

  88. Debora

    Loved the show for years. What was great, to me, was the fact that he kept it real. Little touches of humor, that would help to balance the weight of drama, gave it (the show) a wonderful flair. A gifted man.

  89. Maria Lamb

    Little House on the Prairie remains for me my all-time favorite TV show ever and it will never ever be replaced because good clean wholesome family TV shows full of real life lessons and so much joy & genuine love just are not produced any more. Little House on the Prairie came out when I was a teenager and I still love visiting my old friends. It was so much fun to watch all the children grow up, especially feisty Laura. It was so cool to realize how many of the children were actually related in real life and to find out that Melissa and Nelly were actually Best friends . And I loved that it was based on a real woman who lived, on a real family that lived. I own all the books and I own the whole series including the movies. I never get tired of going back and visiting and watching again. I was so sad to hear of Michael Landon’s sickness and so sad that God called him home so soon. He was a great man with a wonderful heart and a soul full of life and love and beauty. I’m so glad that out of his sorrowful childhood he choose to overcome and rise above and portray such goodness, life, beauty & joy in all his productions. Happy birthday Michael Landon – I hope to one day see you in heaven.

  90. Robin Zorn

    Happy Birthday Micheal Landan my God be with . We miss you too,

  91. Robin Zorn

    I would love to find the DVDs of little house on the prairie and the books too.

    • allan hodel

      they were available at cosco i hope you find the whole series

    • momof4

      Look at rainbow resource a home school site. The be hole set of little house on the Prairie in its entirety.
      About 150. After everything. Worth every penny. My husband and four daughters can’t get enough of this wholesome family show. Thank God for such a great show.

  92. Mary

    As a child I was left home alone and TV was my family…I only dreamed of such a life of simplicity, relationships and family bonds and community of people worked together it was what gave me hope to have a better future in was I was raised in… it gave me a moment to escape the chaos and dysfunction in life.



  93. Rosalind

    Love Michael Landing as Little Jo and Charles Ingalls in Little House on the PRAIRIE

  94. Danielle

    I grew up on these series and loved it so much. I called my daughter Laura partly after Laura Ingalls.

    • Valerie

      I did, too! Her name is Laura Elizabeth!

  95. Francisco jara

    Me gusta mucho la pequeña casa en la pradera excelente muy buena y la película auto pista al cielo también excelente muy buena

  96. Patty

    Loved Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. And Highway to Heaven. He was handsome and charismatic and I watch these shows to this day.

  97. Marilyn

    Happy Birthday Michael. Rest in peace.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  98. Hamid

    Little house on the prairie the series is full life and beauty, it brilliantly portrays and addresses issues that are still common within the modern family structure in a fun and enjoyable manner. The series is truly amazing, enjoyable, and nostalgic to many of us who have watched it in tv as children. Michael, happy birthday! We will never forget you.

    • Millie

      You keep it up now, undasrtend? Really good to know.

  99. Trisha Andrews

    I didn’t know that Halloween, October 31 was Michael Landon’s birthday until now. If he was still alive today, he would have been 80 years old and, I guess, would still be in show business, writing, producing and starring in more family friendly dramas after the cancellation of “Highway to Heaven.” His next project would have been “Us,” which aired only as a movie pilot on CBS back in 1991, the year Landon died. I lost my mother in ’91, also of cancer. The storylines like those Landon wrote on “Little House” inspired me to write short stories as well as essays, articles for my college newspaper and fan fiction stories from my favorite shows including “Little house.”

    Happy 80th Birthday Mr. Landon, and may God continue to rest you in peace.

  100. Karen Denton

    Happy Birthday Michael Landon!! I grew up watching all of your shows , and my daughter as well and still watch . I hate that we missed out on what would have been a lot more great shows. Thank you for what you did leave us ..

  101. Theresa

    Still watch the show daily, have the whole series on DVD..was my favorite as a kid and is still my favorite at 49..Happy Birthday Mr Landon, God Bless!

  102. Lydia Kouwen

    Iv’e got all the series of Little House.its truely amazing how Michael landon directed, write and act this serie.
    Happy birthday Michael!! You’ll be missed!!

  103. LINDA


  104. kathy

    happy birthday michael landon we miss you alot love the littleon the prairie withch every day still

  105. Jan Sutton

    My daughter and I watched every episode and still watching reruns. I watched him in his previous shows and still think he was the real deal. My fav actor of all times! Happy Birthday to you in heaven Micheal!!!

  106. Sandra Morgan

    Awesome family shows, loved every episode of Little House on the Prairie, never missed Bonanza! My father took me to meet Michael Landon in Jackson, MS, I will never forget the look in his eyes! Yes, Melissa Gilbert, he definitely had an aura about him. He just drew a person into his circle! In the few minutes I was in his presence, I felt how special Michael Landon was as a person, not a star! This took place in his early days as Little Joe! Yes, I had a crush on Little Joe! Michael Landon always had a very special place in my heart!

  107. Alice Teeling

    I just loved watching all Micheal’s work & his films will be a joy to me for as long as i live he was a great actor. He was one of my idels.

  108. Maryann

    I remember what a good actor Michael Landon was Little house on the prairie was my favorite and I still watch the show everyday in reruns I also won’t forget july 1, 1991 my father had been admitted into the hospital the prior month and on the same day he and Michael Landon passed away was a very devastating time for me to say the least Michael Landon sure left is a legacy on creating Little house on the prairie Rip Das and Michael

  109. Annette Loving

    This needs to be advertised slot more! Family ‘a need to know that there are still great family intertainment out here !

  110. Kim Downey

    He was amazing and my favorite. His shows still give me the good feeling and hope for life.

  111. Elizabeth Ayala

    I remember the first time I saw Michael Landon my mom was a big fan of bonanza and I saw little house I was hooked until this day reruns reruns love the series
    AND then Highway to Heaven he is miss as a great actor he will never be forgotten 🙁

  112. nancy stover

    I love little house on the prairie, and still watch them to this day. and I record them on my DVR so i can watch my favorite ones. Michael Landon was one of the best actors of our times. may he rest in peace.

  113. Lisa Mccrea

    Miss Michael Landon

  114. Lisa Mccrea

    O my gosh as s little girl i just couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch lithe house every day it was my favorite.
    I miss it so much but still watch the reruns and it reminds me from when i was little.

  115. Michele Kenny

    I truly love how he taught me about compassion, hard work, friendship, love, and family through out all his tv shows he was in or worked on . I really enjoyed how he was able to show emotion as a man and how I felt his heart was as big as he showed it to be on little house I miss him as an actor and I miss the type of shows he created! Would have loved to have known him he truly seemed to be a wonderful person!

  116. Barb Brukiewa

    He always made his character look and feel real. When he cried it was very real looking and when he laughed – you couldn’t help but laugh with it. Writing and producing most of them was so brilliant and heartwarming. Micheal was a very talented man in every aspect. He knew good talent when he saw it too. Little House was always and still remains one of my favorite shows and still watch them whenever I can. Our local cable channel too it off just recently and I plan to complain to them. They put on The Brady Bunch which to me cannot compare.

  117. Bo Andrews

    Happy Birthday Michael, and God Bless you. You are missed.

  118. Nicole Rousseau

    Je l’écoute encore et j’adore la facon dont il voit les choses il y a eu pour moi beaucoup de lecons de vie merci !



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