How to Throw a Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party

by Elizabeth Norton | Jun 20, 2018

My kiddos love “Little House on the Prairie”. When it comes to television entertainment, I am always cautious about what my children are watching. I relax when I hear the “Little House on the Prairie” theme song and see Laura Ingalls skipping through the fields as they start to watch the next episode. These timeless stories provide lessons that all of us can learn from, such as being resourceful, being compassionate, and learning to be content.

How to Throw a Little House Birthday Party

When my kids expressed interest in putting on a Little House on the Prairie party, I couldn’t help but be excited myself. I instantly came up with more than a few birthday party ideas to match the theme. I grew up watching Michael Landon, who played Pa, raise a family through a different time in history. “Little House on the Prairie” is a timeless show that almost any child can enjoy. Have everyone bring their official Laura Ingalls dolls and accessories by The Queen’s Treasures for a fun doll-themed birthday party. Here are our Little House on the Prairie birthday party theme ideas.

Invitations for a Little House on the Prairie Party

A Little House on the Prairie birthday party invitation will get your guests excited to take part in your celebration. The party starts from the moment your guests, young or old, receive their invitations. Here are some creative invitation ideas.

Throw a Little House on the Prairie Party for Your Birthday

Slates and Chalk Boards. Slates and chalk boards were an essential tool in schooling back in Laura’s day. A homemade mini chalk board would be a fun way to deliver party news. Remind your guests to bring their chalk board to their party so they can partake in a special activity.

In Person. In the olden days, family and town get-togethers were often coordinated by word of mouth. If saddling up and trotting on over via horse is not an option, you can still stop by using your vehicle for a quick visit and a verbal invitation while you are out and about. This is a fantastic way to save money and throw a Little House on the Prairie party on a budget.

Send a Telegram. Did you know that you can still send hand-delivered telegrams? A quick internet search should help you find a service in your area. What a fun way to set the mood!

Old-Fashioned Letter. Giving your guests tangible invitations to hang on their refrigerators may be greatly appreciated. It is fantastic that at almost any craft store you can find old parchment paper in the scrapbook aisle. Making invitations together with your kids can be so fun and it is especially easy and fun to attach an old-fashioned candy stick with the invitation. You might even use your own ink and envelopes! Here is a great sample of text for invitations:

Herd up the cattle, milk the cow
Then put on your Sunday best
______________ is turning ___
and it is your attendance that we request!
Join us to celebrate at _____ strikes past noon
We will all congregate at ________________________. We hope to see you there soon.
It’s time to celebrate, prairie style. Be prepared to hop, skip, and run.
Brush up on Little House on the Prairie trivia and be prepared for some good old fashioned fun.
Don’t forget to RSVP, so we’ll know you will be here.
We want to have enough corn bread, candy, and old fashioned lemonade.

Decorations For a Little House on the Prairie Party

Set the mood of the party with some old-fashioned décor and setting. The good news is you don’t need to spend money on store bought paper streamers because you can make your own paper banners! The following are just a few of the things we used to set the stage for our Little House on the Prairie birthday party.

Flower fairy hair wreath crown.

For the simplest décor, host your party outside for an old-fashioned picnic on a grassy space for your own prairie!

Little House on the Prairie Party Activities

Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party

What is a party without food and games? Little House on the Prairie games can be easy to explain and set up. In the show, they often participated in many of the games below in town celebrations.

  • Potato Sack Races
  • Hoop toss
  • 3 legged races
  • Balance a book on your head while walking (Mary did this often)

See a full list of games pioneer children played for more ideas!

Here are some Little House on the Prairie craft ideas to use if running and jumping aren’t your speed.

Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party
  • Easy sew aprons
  • Making homemade braided bread. This is a double activity because they can be served as a menu item, as well.
  • If you want to stick to fabric crafts, braid a rug instead of bread to give the kids a cute place mat to take home!
  • Candle making. This can be a messy craft and should be saved for older kids with direct adult supervision.
  • Make hair accessories or hair wreaths using flowers.
  • Make suspenders.
  • Turn play time into meal time with this homemade butter-making activity. Great for a group of kids who can pass the jar back and forth!
  • Make popsicle log cabin birdhouses.
  • Make stick framed art with paint using coffee grinds.
  • Create old-fashioned bead or button jewelry pieces, just as Laura and Mary did!
  • Make patriotic popsicle stick flags using the stars for that time period. Remember that during the Centennial celebration in Season 2, Episode 20, Laura and Mary made their flag with fewer stars because we didn’t have 50 states yet!

Little House on the Prairie Inspired Party Food

At most parties, food is part of the celebration. Little House on the Prairie was set in simpler times, which makes planning a Little House on the Prairie menu low stress. Food doesn’t have to be over the top, but a good meal can still be provided.

Party Favors for Your Little House Party

Goodie bags can be fun to take home. It is a great way for your guests to remember your party. Some of the crafts can double as a party favor. Here are some more favor ideas.

Old-Fashioned Rock Candy Recipe - what a cool edible experiment for learning fun!!

Have you ever thrown a Little House on the Prairie Themed Party? Tell us about it in the comments or share your story, photos, and videos with us through the submission form. And please subscribe to our Little House on the Prairie newsletter for all the recent posts and fun activities.

Elizabeth Norton secretly had a crush on Michael Landon in her younger years. Her husband of 12 years is a city boy and is amused by this fact. She is mom to 3 children, 2 dogs (including #HappyPup), 1 cat, and 10 chickens. You can follow her adventures on her own 5-acre prairie in Cape May, New Jersey on her blog and social media channels.


  1. how did you do inviations?

    • We’ve got several suggestions above for writing and sending invitations!

  2. Ever since last year I had wanted a Laura Ingalls birthday party, and when I found this website looking for ideas, I started picking date and stuff and my birthday is only 2 months away!

  3. Yo he tomado la familia ingalls como algo ejemplar para todas las situaciones de la vida y salir de manera muy sencilla de los problemas de la vida.. Y edite algo en face.. Para fomentar la unión familiar.. Y perdón que lo publiqué y dice.. Junto a la foto de la familia Ingalls. UNA FAMILIA UNIDA, JAMÁS SERÁ VENCIDA. Gracias y mil perdones. Translation: I have taken the Ingalls family as something exemplary for all situations in life and to leave the problems of life in a very simple way. To promote family unity. And sorry that I published it and says. Next, to the picture of the Ingalls family: A UNITED FAMILY WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED. Thank you and a thousand pardons.

  4. For my tenth birthday I decided to have a prairie themed party at night with friends and family. We played old fashioned games and made straw hats. But the food was modern. We ate sausage rolls, potato crisps, sandwiches and brownies. Instead of lemonade I served old fashioned gingerbeer to my party guests.

  5. I love your show little house on the prairie it is my favorite show in the whole world!!!

  6. Awesome

  7. Really cute and clever ideas and reminiscent of simpler days. Great suggestions! Will bookmark these ideas. Thank you!!

  8. Is there anybody who knows how to do their hair like Laura had later in the tv series ?

  9. I love ??????????your TV show it was a good old fashion show that everyone could watch .

    • I love it too! This party was a celebration of a simpler time. We made lots of memories.

  10. A very fantastic idea I am a huge fan of LHOTP. I wish they made more shows like these Mellisgsa Gilbert really made Laura come alive & was original. Always had a huge crush on Matthew Laberteaux aka. Albert Ingalls & like to imagine him in stories or voice overs in my head with me as his co-star.

    Thanks for posting this



    • That is hilarious! My crush for Michael might just last a life time. Shhhhhh don’t tell my husband! Hehehe

  11. Thanks for some great ideas! My sisters & I are big Little House fans, and although we are in no way young, I think this would work great for one of my sisters birthday.

    • There is no age limit on Prairie fun! That is the best part of this show! It is timeless and for all ages! Enjoy!

  12. I can’t believe I never thought of this for my daughters birthdays when she was younger. I want to have a Little House Birthday for myself. This was so cute and creative.

    • We had such a blast and I had just as much of a blast writing this post! Happy celebrating! -Elizabeth


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