Little House on the Prairie® Recipe Index

by | Dec 29, 2013


  1. Lorraine Cyr

    I think people should live like this now. People were more healthier.

    • Amy

      I agree! I love to bake from scratch!!

  2. Marsha Bradbury

    I loved all the books as a young girl and now watch the show every day! Now at age 70 I am finally reading Farmer Boy. Laura is so descriptive in her writing that it makes my mouth water! Al the things Almonzos mother makes for him and the family…..he must have a HUGE appetite! I keep wanting to find these recipies and try them. Do you have any idea where I might find them?

    • Kim

      I loved the descriptions of the flapjack or pancakes with the butter and brown sugar between the layers. They always seemed so amazing!
      Also, the apple pie made from a green pumpkin, would love to find that too.

    • Myra

      I am from the Philippines and am reading Farmer Boy for the first time, although I watched the TV series back in the 70s.

      My mouth waters reading about all the food Almanzo’s mother put on the table. But what truly amazes me is how she managed to cook so much food for one meal back then when she had none of the labor-saving devices we have now.

  3. patti Kierstead

    hi,i am looking for the lemon chicken recipe that Laura used to make.

  4. Clifford Newell

    I would love to get all of little house on the prairie recipes that they would have used

  5. Theresa

    Is there a recipe for the apple fritters that Caroline makes in the episode “town party country party”? I’ve never seen apple fritters made that way , the dough almost looks like biscuits rather than the traditional fritters that I know.

  6. Margie

    Any ideas how to make a House on the prairie cake for a birthday

  7. Dana

    Is there a recipe somewhere for the cake that Caroline often makes in the TV series? It’s either chocolate frosting or maple (something brown). My daughter is a huge fan of the show and her birthday will be little house themed and I was hoping to make that cake.

  8. Judy Miles

    Thanks. I watch the show every day. I think it is a look back into the past and how Laura, Mary, Carrie, and Grace, and their parents may have lived their lives. Some of the shows are funny. That Mrs. Oleson can be a real bitch and the same for Nelly too. Nelly deserves what she gets a lot of the time.

  9. William Unger

    My wife, Darla, and I live in rural Oklahoma. We are empty nesters, but we do prefer a much simpler way of life. We would very happy receiving email from you. I hope you have a blessed day.

    • Little House on the Prairie

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